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  1. :mrgreen:


    I like pigs even more than I like chickens... but I don't have room for them here.


    When we finally get round to following 'The Plan' I will have lots of chooks and pigs, but will have to harden my heart otherwise none of the will ever get eaten :roll: .


    My favourites are the Old Spots and Tamworths.

  2. If you plan to use glyphosate on plants that are close to fruit bushes, I would cover the fruit bushes with a plastic bag (heavy duty garden bin bags are good) because it is a VERY effective weedkiller... wait until it is totally dry before removing the plastic. I use the top half of a plastic pop bottle over small weeds and spray into that to prevent drift onto nearby plants, it works well but is probably too small for your brambles!


    Just a note, glyphosate works best on actively growing plants and on green tissue (it inhibits photosynthesis) so with brambles I cut them down, wait for them to sprout fresh new leaves and then zap them with the glyphosate. Easier than trying to cover a large plant.


    It is the only chemical I allow in my garden, and we have loads of wildlife, because it is so non-toxic - it is less toxic than salt, and loses its activity as soon as it hits soil, so there are no residues left after use. However some studies suggest it is poisonous to amphibians, so do keep it well away from any ponds you have, or areas where frogs or toads hibernate.

  3. We took our two to their first gig in January , aged ten and twelve. The tickets were Christmas presents.

    The band was one of their favourites (All Time Low) but doing our homework made it a much better evening.


    First we checked out the venue - seated upstairs, mosh pit down. Upstairs for us!


    Second I talked to people who had already seen them live & was warned that most of the audience would be older teens and some swearing & innuendo was the norm. So our kids were prepared for that and so were we, unlike the lady a few seats along who spent the whole gig looking shocked and upset...


    The result was a brilliant night out for everyone, and we massively improved our 'cool parents' rating 8)

  4. I had similar problems with DS1, he wouldn't latch on at all and I managed with a combination of expressing and BF using nipple shields as he would latch on to those.


    Best advice I had from anyone was from my Mum, who had similar problems when I was born.

    She told me 'just feed your baby, however you do it, and don't feel guilty about it!'

  5. Hi all


    My parents are considering using one of the above schemes to release some of the equity in their home, to pay off the small mortgage they have, and thereby avoid paying the interest on it.


    Does anyone have any experience of these schemes, good or bad?


    They are considering one which is linked to Age Concern UK, but would like to hear your recommendations or otherwise before they take the step of inviting a rep to visit them.


    Many thanks in advance

  6. I agree - and I am also a teacher.


    That is not a question I would EVER ask a child publicly. I would want to know why she did that.


    I also feel it's a bad idea for her to be teaching her own son in the class. It has happened occasionally at our school when setting has thrown parent and child together, but is avoided at all costs and resulted in staff swapping groups. We are a large secondary and quite a lot of our staff have children who attend or attended the school.

  7. So glad you have got this news - you've been through enough pain and discomfort, and the keyhole procedure will sort it out for you. I had keyhole surgery myself a few years ago and found it very easy - I forgot I'd had it most of the time; just a bit of indigestion due to being 'inflated' during the procedure.


    Best of luck with it Emma


  8. I tried this and we came up at two separate addresses, neither our current one, both old ones (in one case over twelve years ago)


    Although I have a very unusual surname, there seem to be at least two other people with my first and last names, both registered through companies they run... spooky to see your own name coming up like that, even though it isnt really me.


    My name does come up once genuinely, for a book review I published a few years ago. OH works in a field where he publishes regularly in scientific journals so he comes up loads of times if I google him - but only professional details, not home details.

  9. The Omlet effect has struck again!


    I've been uncomfortable in the boob department for a while so I took my mum with me & went to an independent fitter in north Leeds. The owner trained at Rigby & Peller so no tape measures in sight. I went in as a 38 C & came out a 34 E :shock: and I've never been so comfortable. Not cheap but well worth it!

  10. I have re-posted the picture, I think it may be a little ENORMOUS (sorry mods) though.


    We now have a roof and four very happy chooks.


    I also have a very happy DS2 who thinks that now we have a run, he can start looking for the Speckled Sussex he has been coveting... and an OH who still thinks that four chooks are enough. Prepare for fun and games in the Pudding household!

  11. 13a7008f.jpg


    The sunlight is very bright this morning but this will give you some idea!


    The panels leaning up against the right hand side are the roof panels which are going on today, then the eglu has to go on a table up against the outside and it will be finished. Then we can put some grass back and the bottom third of our garden will no longer resemble the surface of the moon.. :roll:


    Very proud of OH who has worked his socks off to put it together.

  12. :D

    No, we are back, but we have guests this weekend so a bit busy!


    We have 4 sides, fixed to base, all hinges and bolts in Place. Just the roof to put on tomorrow.


    It's very sturdy and was quite straightforward to assemble. The (orange eglu) is inside at the moment until we sort out a table for it to sit outside up against the little door for the girlies to go in & out. They couldn't wait to get in there and were practically pushing past OH to dig in all the fresh bedding.


    I will post pics ASAP, promise!

  13. Mushroom flavour stock cubes from Italy.


    Confit de canard, gesiers and saucisson from France, and orangina rouge which I can't get here. Plus cheese!


    Montreal steak spice from the USA, and pretzel flavour M&Ms - sweet and salty, yum. There were MILLIONS of varieties of baking mixes and the like, but I prefer to make from scratch so I looked at recipe books instead.

  14. We have the base!

    It's a framework of joists underneath with decking boards fixed on top - essentially a rectangle of garden decking.


    Took about 3 hours from start to finish to build it and we already had most of the wood. It's not beautiful since the boards are not all the same colour - some old, some new - but that won't matter when we put the run on top tomorrow.

  15. I was erring on the side of slabs, but OH has persuaded me to use decking - we already had joists and about half the boards so have just bought a few more. Easier to lay on soil (with a weed proof membrane down) in the part of the garden the girls have already trashed, he thinks. I will be going for smooth side up, to make it easier to clean out.


    Our previous guineapigs had their run on a decking platform and it kept them raised off the cold ground in winter and it was easy to clean/sweep the used bedding off. OH also reckons that a wood base will allow him to fix the run onto it and prevent it shifting in high winds, for example.

  16. I plan to!


    Just found out the actual run won't get here till Friday morning - the couriers have mistakenly delivered it somewhere else in the meantime. They werent actually going to tell anyone that, but I phoned Chris to check and he had a little word in their ear :wink: .


    That gives us tomorrow to prep the base and I'll do the groundwork today (after I do the million and one other jobs I have lined up) :roll: .

  17. Last time we sold, one lot of viewers complained that she couldn't see any children from her daughter's school playing outside.


    The house was 100 yards from a different school - not her daughter's - and it was pouring with rain at the time.


    Nowt so queer as folk!

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