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  1. Banda machines. *shudder* I spent most teaching practices covered in pink, green and blue ink.


    ooh, but the worksheets smelled LOVELY :wink: Photocopies just aren't the same.


    I remember using an Amstrad 'word processor' with a screen that was black with apricot-coloured type. Just a glorified typewriter really. That was at my Saturday job in an estate agency.

  2. My 1 cat likes cotton buds - not bothered if they've been used :vom: scatters them all round the house and leaps at them from every angle :lol:


    Mine too, and they will scale alarming heights to reach them :shock:


    Or rummage in bins for used ones :vom:


    They will fight to play with a tiny mouse toy we have - far too small for their giant paws but they love it. Mousie often disappears under furniture & has to be retrieved while both cats wait impatiently to pounce again.

  3. Mexican Flag


    Bash a handful of mint leaves with sugar till well bruised. Place in bottom of a tall glass and half fill with apple juice. Add crushed ice, a bit of fizzy lemonade then a layer of strawberry purée on top. Should have a green stripe, then White, then a red stripe on top, hence the name. :D

  4. I like the 'plant the seed of an idea' method myself.


    Must say though that OH surprises me at times - such as when he told me 'you know we can't have another cat' a couple of years ago, then bought the kitten I had been coveting as my Christmas present.


    I wonder if the :wink: means that your OH is being as devious as mine? :think: Fingers crossed!

  5. 2 post 16 students went from our school last year - it was such a valuable experience for them.


    I haven't been but feel I want to. I have seen the exhibition in Oslo castle (which was a Nazi prison in WWII), about he occupation of Norway and the people who were imprisoned and killed in camps there. It was one of the most affecting, upsetting things I have seen.

  6. It could well be, especially if you use a brand of strong, long-lasting kitchen roll. Loo paper breaks up when it's flushed, into a soft slurry that won't block pipes - kitchen roll is treated so that it doesn't break up, a bit like the dreaded wipes. Even wipes sold as 'flushable' are horrors for blocking pipes!

  7. Thanks all for your advIce and doctor's girls for your kind offer!


    We're a bit short of time so I have had a good look and I sent a query to Bay Animal housing about one of their runs - and had a phone call back within 5 minutes confirming that they could make what I want at a very reasonable price. So we will be ordering a 6' x 9' run from them later today and putting it up at half term, which is in a fortnight. :D

  8. I've seen them once - in Devon of all places, about twenty years ago, but we were in a village with very little light pollution. They were best seen above the pub 8)


    Nothing to be seen from Leeds, there has been so much cloud and mizzle that nothing much has been visible for the last few days.

  9. I'm planning my first WIR with my (orange eglu).


    We're looking at about 8' x 7' with the Eglu on a raised platform outside for easy access. Also with scope to divide off an area for intros (cos if OH thinks I'm stopping at four GNR he's gone crackers, but I will be adding extra housing if I do add to my little flock).


    We have looked at various suppliers (flytesofancy, aviaries4u etc). Our other option is to self-build - if you've done so I would love to know how long it took you and how it compares cost-wise to buying ready- made. Neither of us is an accomplished joiner, but we can do the basics!


    Finally, would you recommend a solid (flagged) base for the run? I was thinking of security here as well as ease of cleaning.

  10. Sounds as if you've been lucky in a way Helen, in that the company seems to have some integrity. 8)


    One thing I have learned is to always get independent witnesses if at all possible.


    I was lucky enough to have two colleagues in the queue of traffic who had to swerve to avoid debris and are happy to be witnesses. No-one else stopped though.


    You are right Clare - I do count myself fortunate as so far both driver and manager have been polite, helpful and shown great integrity. If the total costs are low (relative to their insurance excess) they have promised to reimburse me directly.

  11. Thank you - as always you are wonderful!


    I've had two calls today from the HGV company manager, making sure I'm OK and asking about the damage and cost of repairs. They don't seem to be contesting it at all so at present I am happy to keep it between me and them.


    Sorry to hear about your nasty experience Patricia - in those circumstances I too would have reported it. My Mum had a similar experience with a truck that blew a tyre which came off and hit her bonnet on the A1 - that company tried everything to avoid liability and she had the devil of a job getting the cost of the damage paid for. Hopefully I am fortunate and my encounter was with a real Knight of the Road :) .

  12. I had a road accident this morning - debris fell off the back of a flatbed lorry, I couldn't avoid a metal triangular hazard sign and it scythed into my tyre, then along the underside of the car. The driver stopped, gave me all the details and helped me change the wheel. I have a new tyre which they have promised to pay for, and have had the car inspected -'only cosmetic damage beneath thank goodness.


    My colleague reminded me that it is the drivers responsibility to check the load is secure, and I am now thinking I ought to contact the police and report it. However I am worried that they may then not pay up the cost of my tyre.


    What do you think Omleteers?

  13. I've also just seen this thread and am worried that you haven't been seen by a doctor yet. The pain can stop & start suddenly, and you're right, it is crippling. Stick to the very bland diet and lots of fluids till Monday and I hope you have another comfortable night x

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