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  1. Just thought I'd update my findings in case anyone ever searches this in future! Had a day on Google and emailing various experts!! I contacted 2 chicken farmers who have many years experience in breeding and supplying hens and both said that although they had not used this treatment they believed it would be long out of their system by the time they will be laying. I also contacted a seller of the product who said he can't advise but a lot of people do buy it with the intention to treat their chickens. I emailed 2 vets one who just stated that they couldn't give an opinion as its not licenced for poultry and shouldn't be given to birds who lay eggs for human consumption. The other vet replied that although it's not licenced it is unlikely to do them any harm and that if they were currently laying she would advise not to eat the eggs for 2 weeks. As they won't be laying for another 2 months, we will be fine to eat the eggs! I've concluded from all that advice that they will be safe as the drug should've left their system a long time before they start producing eggs, and even though it shouldn't be given to birds who lay eggs, technically they don't fall under that category at 8 weeks old. I am so amazed at how helpful and supportive the chicken keeping community is and thank everyone for taking the time to respond. You all helped put my stressed out head at ease!
  2. Thank you! Yes, it must have been strong stuff. That is helpful to know about the ovaries. I have emailed a vet to check as well, I was just hoping others on here may have used the tablets. Thanks
  3. Thank you. They all seem completely fine this morning. The poorly one was second out of the coop when I opened it and went straight for a drink and some food. There had been blood in her droppings and she was definitely very unwell Friday and Saturday. She had the tablet Saturday afternoon. My husband likes to rush in to these things and is not a worrier, I do the worrying after his rushed decisions! Do you think we should eat the eggs in 8-10 weeks time?? Thanks again
  4. Thank you so much for your replies. We did panic a bit and with all the signs of coccidiosis just wanted to get something into her as soon as possible so we wouldn't lose her. The treatment was a one dose tablet called coxitab and seems to contain a different drug to the coxoid treatment. It does seem to have helped though as she was pecking around again yesterday and started eating a bit again. I am a real worrier and I just thinking of the eggs being dangerous for us when they start laying, as the tablets say not to give to birds used for food. Will any medication be out of their system when they start laying? They're only 8 weeks old now. Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm really worrying and hoping someone can advise me please. We suspected one of our lovely 8 week old pullets was showing signs of coccidiosis. She was sleepy, not herself and not eating. When we researched we saw that it can kill birds quite quickly and we panicked slightly and my husband ordered some medication from the Internet with same day delivery so we could get it sorted quickly. He gave it to all 5 of our birds. I then looked and saw it was for pigeons and started researching the drug. It's tablets called Harkers coxitabs. I'm worried it was the wrong thing to give them and it could harm them or us when we eventually eat their eggs. Has anyone else used this or know if I'm right or wrong to be worrying about this? Thank you for any advice.

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