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  1. Our dear hen ‘Chickpea’ has just gone broody and we would so love for her to sit on some fertile eggs and then raise her own chicks. We have never done this before however! I am wondering how many eggs a bantam Orpington can sit on (6?) and then raise? What sized broody house would be ideal for her? Would an Eglu Go (on ground level not on a stand) be a suitable size and set up? I would have chicken fencing around it for a run.
  2. Thank you (Cat tails), that all makes much sense and is very helpful information. I’m so new to this! So if I keep them inside until they are about 8 weeks, will they still need a heat lamp so you think? What bedding should I put in the cage (?) I will keep indoors? What sort of water and food feeder is most suitable for 4wk old chicks? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, most grateful. Miriam
  3. Hi, thank you in advance for taking the time to reply to my question, I am completely new to this! ...We will be getting some little bantam Orpington chicks in a few days time (4wks old). We’ve got a Eglu Cube and a 3m run but I’m just wondering what else is needed to keep our little feathered friends happy and what will help them to settle in well? I’m absolutely new to the world of chickens but so excited! ...I would be so grateful for your wisdom and tips on anything I need to be thinking about in order to be prepared to help our new pets settle into their new home. For example: Will 4wk old chicks be okay to go straight into cube (we live in Australia and it is summer). What do I feed 4 week old chicks? What type of bedding material is needed inside the cube? Thank you!

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