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  1. Thanks for your advice anyway. Just was wondering if there was anything else I could do for her before ringing the vet tomorrow. She's fast asleep in a box next to me so fingers crossed she may wake up brighter!
  2. She has no obvious injuries. Her feet look same as normal. She's not laid an egg for several months. She is over 6 years old so we've assumed that's it for eggs from her. Never heard her be so quiet. She's just laid down, fully alert but not wanting to move
  3. Tikka has gone lame all of a sudden. She's been very quiet of the last week and today is barely moving around. She is eating and drinking. When I go out with treats she waddles over instead of the run she normally does. Her tail is right down to the floor and she is totally silent. Not even a soft cluck I have brought her indoors with water (incl acv) and food with some poultry spice and limestone in. Has any one got any idea what it could be?
  4. Hi all, Does anyone know of a safe way to resell tickets? I received Robbie Williams tickets from my DH for Xmas and a very generous friend, both for the same night. I don't like the idea of using Ebays new "Stub Hub" feature as they charge a whopping 12% and you don't receive the money until after the event. If anyone has any experience, advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  5. Lost Madam Dipperlot this morning. She was laid as if sleeping. Had been not herself for few days, but put it down to the weather. First chicken I've lost so feeling pretty blue. She had a fab life and guess at over 5 years old, she'd had a pretty good innings! Rest in peace Maddie xxxxx
  6. Popcorn had to be taken back to the Vets tonight as the eye was gunked up and closed today. Bathed it with cold tea which helped her open it. Vet has prescribed eye drops twice a day to ensure it doesn't get gunked up again. Hopefully it will sort it out once and for all!!
  7. Pleased to report that Popcorn is home after sucessful removal of growth/tumour. She is back with the rest of the girls happily digging and generally enjoying the sun. She has to have Tylan for next five days but apart from that, all is great!!!
  8. She's had tumour removed successfully. Going to be on antibiotics. She is still at the Vets and should get an update tomorrow morning. Hopefully she will be ok and I can bring her home. Thanks for all the well wishes! X
  9. *Update* Popcorn is about to have the growth removed. Still might lose her during next 24 hrs but fingers crossed!
  10. Just back from taking my 5 year old Black Rock Popcorn to the vets. She has been having recurrent problems with her eye and over last week it's got lot worse. She wouldn't open her eye at all, but apart from that she is eating/drinking etc as normal. She is being kept in for exploratory assessment tomorrow as the vet believes it may be a tumour. The eye smells so bad and it looks like a growth on the inner eyelid, but unless she is knocked out they can't see it properly. They are going to call me tomorrow and let me know the options. It'll either be, remove tumour or eye or as she is an old lady, put her to sleep I feel so bad leaving her at the vets knowing I might not see her again.
  11. My Black Rock chicken Popcorn is seemingly under the weather. She is spending several times of the day looking all sorry for herself, feathers puffed, tail down, head under one wing. She seems to be eating and drinking without problem, just been wormed and comes "back to life" after a while. I have checked her crop and droppings. All seems fine. She is suffering from a poorly eye for a while. Vet prescribed eye drops which we administer, but she seems to keep the eye shut. She is five and a half years old now so is this normal behaviour for an "older" lady? Any advice would be gratefully received , Thanks
  12. Saw the funniest thing yesterday morning, Mr Fox being chased off by two Magpies! They kept divebombing him until he started to leave the area and still they chased him!
  13. Thanks for that advice! I have seen her eating some tuna so I think I was worrying for nothing. Its just that she looks so sad and seemed to be struggling.
  14. After prolonged bullyingand trying Anti Pek, separation, we have fitted a bumper bit to Tikka. Since fitting it she has been very subdued. I have given Popcorn tuna for a boost and Tikka seemed unable to eat Will she be able to eat and drink properly? And how long without seeing her eat/drink before I should worry?
  15. I am having problems with a bullied chicken and am considering bumper bits. Will vets fit and supply them?

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