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  1. For the last few nights, seven of our ten hens have not gone into the Cube but instead have been roosting on one of the lovely bars in our walk in run. The run is secure, so I'm not worried about safety, just wondering why the change in behaviour? Perhaps just the light nights?
  2. Am so sorry. You do get really attached to them - we had Bunty put to sleep this week - we'd had her six years. At least Phyllis wasn't miserable for a long time.
  3. I had a hen pts this week - £12.40
  4. Just to let you know that I took Bunty to the vet this morning. He thought she had something serious going on digestive wise and was jaundiced and very thin. I left her to be put to sleep.
  5. Bunty, our Cream Legbar is almost 6 years old. She's never been a particularly good layer and hasn't laid for about a year. Her comb is pale and her face is rather jaundiced looking. Every morning she is last out of the Cube and she's usually first to bed. She doesn't appear to eat very much, but pecks about in the garden fairly happily. The other hens (3 old and 7 new) don't bother her at all. She seems to stand for long periods with her eyes closed. She doesn't appear to be in any discomfort but is rather 'puffed up'. Do you think she's just old? I am hesitant to take her to the vet as I think they might just suggest putting her to sleep. Any advice gratefully received.
  6. Fantastic! Have just read all your woes and am so pleased for you.
  7. Our new Black Marans laid her first egg this afternoon after much shouting. It's light brown in colour. Our Cuckoo Marans and Wheaten Marans both lay the very dark brown ones. Do you think the new hen's eggs might change colour over time, or do you think she's possibly not a Marans at all? (She's plain black, not a copper one).
  8. I've got a Cuckoo Marans who lays quite dark eggs and a Wheaten Marans who lays really dark eggs. They've just started laying again this year (they're both almost 6 years old) and the wheaten ones, although very dark are definitely getting lighter as the years pass. Initially they looked like dark chocolate and were shiny. Now they're matt and more speckled. I did once have a Splash Marans who was gorgeous and her eggs were even darker. Sadly she came to an abrupt end courtesy of a stoat.
  9. I noticed in b and q last week that you can get polystyrene filler bits for the ends of the corrugated roofing sheets. Hope this helps! Your WIR looks brilliant!
  10. Not sure if she's got this particular breed but certainly had bantams last week and worth a phone call. Her name is Debi and her website is The Whole Chicken Kaboodle. She's in Cumbernauld - I got five new hens from her last week. A great setup, very clean, all birds are £14 each.
  11. Hi there, I'm doing similar introductions - 7 new ones to 4 existing. I think possibly you might be rushing it a bit? I'd let them sleep separately for maybe week to ten days, with supervised "playing" together before trying to put them in together. No doubt someone else with more experience will be along soon. Try not to worry though - a rabbit hutch sounds fine. Mine are in a dog kennel!
  12. Have had our 7 new hens for a week and tonight let them play in the garden with the 4 big girls. Was expecting a lot of difficulties, but it wasn't bad at all. A few pecks but nothing much. They've been in two runs next to each other all week. Will do the same tomorrow and see how we get on. Not planning on putting them altogether at night for a while yet.
  13. Hi there - how exciting for you! I've never had exbatts, but in answer to your questions, I put straw in the nesting box and newspaper on the trays. The trays just need to be emptied each week. Cleaning once a week will be just fine.

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