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  1. Sometimes I just can’t believe the things I’ve learnt on this blog!I’ll never raise a glass of wine again without wondering if fire or water helped produce this wine! Love it! Xx
  2. Hope all goes well. I had mine a few weeks ago and only felt bad the day after. I had a headache and generally felt not quite right but slept most of the day. The following day I was fine.
  3. Thank you all so much for your input. Today I’m going to try different ideas. I want to give the coop a good clean, along with all the bits and bobs. It’s been so muddy lately. And auboise bedding was very good but I’ve found it everywhere you can think of in the house! Can’t wait to recycle it all! The garden leads straight into our sitting room, and even with a mat at the door the carpet definitely needs cleaning! 😂😂😂😂
  4. I might have to, but it wasn’t the way I planned things! Lol!
  5. Does anyone know if the eglu go up is easy to manoeuvre through a WIR door or will I have to dismantle it first and re-build inside the run?
  6. Foundation laid for Cluckingham Palace!
  7. Beautiful pictures! And so lucky to get a free eglu. I didn’t realise how prevalent the more hens disease had spread! My bank account is now dangerously low. But my hens have a new house being specially built for them ( nearly finished) Enjoy your new family, your daughter is beautiful!
  8. You could try your local council. Or a local online site.
  9. Could you ask around for slabs that people may give you? I did this and only paid £20 for enough to pave a 2m x 3m x 2m run. I’m putting some membrane down first, then sand, then the paving slabs. This allows water to run through but but stops the sand disappearing. On top of that will go hardwood chips. At the moment I using Auboise on the grass. Under the actual coop I have Astro turf, sounds funny but it does make it easier to clean with a hose pipe. But too muddy at the moment!
  10. A bit too far for me to help with an extension. Sorry.
  11. This article is out of date and so does not refer to the current situation. Don’t let your girls out yet!
  12. Hi Debbie. Maybe you could keep two girls? Or could you extend widthways? Whereabouts do you live?
  13. I’m glad it’s all gone ! But the weather forecast doesn’t look so good!
  14. Shame! I was looking to buy two SFH but now I’ve rescued to other hens. So sorry I can’t help. Someone will soon give them a loving home.
  15. Peter, slight misunderstanding, I’ve already got a booking at a caravan park on the coast I was hoping you might have some ideas as to a place to stop on the way up. It’s a five hour drive and we thought it might be nice to explore somewhere else as well. I did think of York but it’s so pricey! All this if if it’s legally ok of course! But thank you anyway, it’s a nice offer! But I only cook if I have to!

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