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  1. So sorry to hear about your run of bad luck. You’ll get lots of help here, we’re a friendly lot. Hopefully things will improve for you and your girls!
  2. Girly

    Injured girl.

    Thank you both. The one thing I couldn’t do today was roast the chicken I’d bought for dinner. I made fresh burgers instead. Silly I know.!
  3. Girly

    Injured girl.

    Thank you Well this morning I had a good look at her and as well as the injuries she had broken or dislocated her leg. I had no alternative but to get my friend to come and send her to chicken heaven. Today I’ve been re-pinning the wire. I think they must have picked the cable ties along the bottom of the run.
  4. When I went to close the coop just as dusk was appearing my girls were still out and making a noise. As it wasn’t dark I was going to give them a handful of scratch before they turned in. But Hilda, my Black Marren, was laying in a heap halfway under the chicken wire. She must have decided to try and reach some grass and somehow pushed the wire away from the edge of the walk-in run. Loads of feathers and blood everywhere. I brought her into the house and saw that her skin under her wing and along her side is torn. She seemed quite calm and was breathing easily. My daughter is a bit of an animal whisperer! Anyway I phoned the local vets and what’s-apped photos of the hen. The vet said they didn’t have much to do with chickens and would probably only give painkillers and antibiotics. She advised me to contact a specialist exotics vet. At the moment Freda is sleeping peacefully in a cat box on a towel in the front room. I hope she makes it through the night. I know chickens are tough ole birds but I could cry!
  5. What is wrong with people? I cannot believe people are so stupid! They don’t think they can catch the virus. Or they don’t think it’s true, or the vaccine is a way of spying on us! And they are the ones who have to have a coffee from S..bucks or similar and have to have exercise. Despairing of the people blaming the government for everything and wanting more money. On a lighter note, my girls enjoyed gobbling up the snow this morning! keep safe all off you and don’t get too down, Spring is on it’s way and things will get better!
  6. Mine won’t eat butternut squash. I’ve tried the innards, the ‘spaghetti’ the peel, big chunks, little chunks, even a whole one cut in half lengthwise. But they love courgettes, especially ones that look like marrows! And cucumber and melon. But not butternut! WHY? WHY?WHY?
  7. They look lovely. Hope they all settle down now. Shame about Pickwick, but needs must!
  8. strange how different countries react. But like all things, I suppose, we all do things differently. I’ve started to give my girls their porridge at different times. I found they were demanding it and not eating their layers pellets at all. At least for the last couple of days they’ve eaten layers in the morning. But they do try to escape all the time!
  9. Such a painful decision but best for her. My cat is 20 now and I’m dreading the coming months! Sending hugs to you.
  10. So difficult to know what to do. If he survives tonight try him with more mealworms and water nearby. They also need berries, blueberries are a favourite and finely chopped apples. I wish you and Robin the best. Xxx
  11. I’ve been offered a lorry load of woodchips consisting of redwood and eucalyptus. Does anyone know if this is ok for a chicken run. Urgent! 

  12. I agree with soapdragon, try and find a needlework shop near you that does repairs. Only apply light pressure to the pedal, but see if you can clean it. Also have you replaced the needle? That sometimes works wonders! Online courses are very useful, just make sure you don’t sign up for years! Good luck.

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