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  1. Hi Luvachicken, it was from WeeChalkyDesigns on Etsy uk. My daughter Heather told the artist the names and breeds. Very cleverly Liz Hardy, the artist designed and painted my sign. Check the website out. Very reasonable prices and excellent quality.
  2. Brilliant idea! I sometimes forget the name of one of my girls and just look at the sign with their names on. DD bought it for a Christmas present for me.
  3. I agree with you, it’s not about the eggs, although they are a bonus. I had to get the old run because of the avian flu regulations, the Omlet WIR would have taken too long to arrive. I had a small slope at the side of the patio dug out and levelled and the two sides shored up with sleepers, they are waist high. So nicely sheltered. There is a small gap all round so that I can add shading etc. As a bonus I have been able to make a small raised garden at the side of the run chicken proof ( almost) which is now planted with lavender and various other plants. But it has cost me all of my hol
  4. I have 4 hens in a go up inside a walk- in run. The run is 3 x 4 metres. But I also have a 12 x 6 ‘ walk-in ‘ run for them. I bought the Omlet WIR earlier this year because the other one slopes down at the sides and is really awkward for a human! l think my girls are quite happy in the go-up but at the moment only one is sleeping in it. The other three sit on top of it or on the perch. They seemed happy enough in the winter inside the coop. They also free range when I’m in the garden. But be warned, you will always be raiding the bank for them! Old run, cover now removed and replaced w
  5. So sorry to hear this. I let my girls free range as much as possible, but only if I’m around. We have foxes here, my neighbour feeds them and I worry about them a lot. But they love being ‘outside’!
  6. Sorry I don’t think I’ll have time at the moment.
  7. With all this talk about kiwi fruit I’m rather glad I’m allergic to them!
  8. Girly


    A little more news on Dotty. She is fine and has decided not to co-operate any more with having her meds. She generally sits on my daughter’s lap and I swear she would purr if she was a cat- but not tonight! Luckily it’s the last dose today - I wonder if she’ll think she’s won the battle.Lol! She did lay a small egg yesterday without problems so l’m really pleased. Thank you for all your comments.
  9. So sorry to hear this. RIP Red.
  10. Girly


    Thank you All for your comments. Yesterday I gave her a warm bath and cleaned her up a bit. She was very good once she realised I was helping her - well that’s what it seemed like - and was quite happy to let me clean her up. She loved the hairdryer and now has a fluffybum again. She decided she’d had enough mucking about today and would not co-operate at all! But I have a secret weapon, my daughter! She is an animal whisperer! I don’t know how she does it but all animals seem to love her. Dotty just lay in her arms and closed her eyes as if she was sleeping whilst I applied the ointment.
  11. Glad to hear Polly is much better. Silly question perhaps, but do chickens like mashed bananas? And is it good for them? My Dotty seems much better today as well. I gave her a bath and cleaned her up a bit, she’s been preening herself but loved the hairdryer! And she’s just laid a very large egg which sadly I have to throw away. Or could I scramble it for the others?
  12. Girly


    Good morning. I took her to a vet who specialises in poultry ( a 50 minute journey each way) He was brilliant. He popped it back but it did come out again when we got home. Unfortunately she has an infection but he gave her a dose of steroids and anti-inflammatory meds and antibiotics. I have to give her Baytril drops once a day for 10 days and use an ointment twice a day. Interestingly the ointment is Isaderm, used for dogs. She looks fine but has to be kept away from the others in case of pecking. I have two walk in runs at the moment so no problem there. But can’t use her eggs for 10 +
  13. Girly


    Help! My Speckled Maran Dotty appears to have a prolapse. About a week ago she laid a very large egg ( most of her eggs are still small ) and last night she laid two small ones Definitely not there when I put them to bed I’ve bathed her and gently replaced it but it keeps popping out Any help or advice from please .
  14. Mine love calci worms for a treat. They recognise the tub and come running. I’ve had no problems with them.

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