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  1. Yes, I did wonder about that so they’re not getting anymore! And certainly not my whiskey 😂😂😂🐓🐓
  2. Lovely day gardening with my three girls ‘helping’. So it was time for a drink and I had a glass of sparkling white grape juice. I spilt a little as I sat down and the girls lapped it up! I poured a little into my hand and they were all drinking from my hand! Not sure if it’s good for them but they certainly enjoyed it!
  3. So much for the lifting of restrictions! Just let my girls out and enjoyed watching them for a few minutes. Came indoors and fed the cat ( she’s nearly 21 ). It didn’t take 5 minutes. Back to the garden to pandemonium- a fox had just killed my beautiful Girly. , Now the others are back in their run and will only be able to come out when I’m in the garden.🙁🙁
  4. Thank you. We both enjoyed Christmas. I’m staying with my sister for a few days and DDs long term boyfriend ( my nearly son - in - law) is staying with her. So both having a nice break. Just hope she’s looking after my girls! 😂😂😂
  5. Hi Luvachicken. My daughter is 43 and lives with me. She suffers from anxiety and depression and also fibromyalgia. Life is a bit tough for her, she hasn’t got over loosing her Dad 4 years ago. But when these things happen we have to try and build a different, happy life.. …we manage! 🙂🙂🙂
  6. I was given some beautiful beaded Christmas Bells! They will adorn my Christmas trees and will be part of our traditional decorations for generations. My daughter has already claimed them for herself ( when the time comes,Mum!). The chocolate has been eaten by me already! Thank you Santa!
  7. My parcel has arrived! Can’t wait to open it! Thank you! Merry Christmas everyone.
  8. I had my booster on Thursday, didn’t have any trouble getting the appointment and as a bonus had my flu jab as well. I’ve been wearing my mask all the time whenever I’m in a shop.
  9. Thank you Lewis. I’m just a bit concerned about the soft shell eggs.
  10. I will do. Thank you Luvachicken.
  11. Hi Everyone. Wondering how to help my Emerald hen, Hetty. She normally lays blue eggs but hasn’t laid ‘proper’ eggs for at least 8 weeks now. However, she lays soft shell eggs every so often. when I first got her in September 2020 and she started laying she did produce a few soft shell eggs, then lovely blue eggs. She is a bit broody and loves to sit in the coop on the eggs of her sisters. She never objects to being moved. She is a bit of a loner but is such a loving bird. She does not appear to be ill, everything seems normal. I have tried feeding separately and with extra protein etc but am wondering whether I should take to a vet to make sure she’s ok. What do others think?
  12. I’m in! Hopefully got enough posts! It was great last year. Thank you for arranging this again Luvachicken.
  13. Gosh! How talented people are! I love seeing what people have made or are making! I’ve had problems over the last few months but now things are getting back to ‘normal’ thank goodness. So now I have a crochet blanket to finish, a pair of socks that I’ve only just found the pattern I mislaid, and a pair of gloves I love but proved a steep learning curve as I’ve not made gloves before. I did manage to finish a double bed sized blanket last year which I’m quite proud of - I actually finished a large project! The items on here are so wonderful, and the needle-felting is amazing! Thank you all for sharing
  14. Oh gosh! For several reasons I couldn’t take part this time, but looking at the swaps ……..how wonderfully talented people are! All of the gifts look so lovely and professional! I hope you all enjoy them. Looking forward to Christmas now!
  15. So sorry to hear this. Hopefully your other hens are ok. If only they could say they don’t feel well! Lots of hugs xx
  16. Hi Luvachicken, it was from WeeChalkyDesigns on Etsy uk. My daughter Heather told the artist the names and breeds. Very cleverly Liz Hardy, the artist designed and painted my sign. Check the website out. Very reasonable prices and excellent quality.
  17. Brilliant idea! I sometimes forget the name of one of my girls and just look at the sign with their names on. DD bought it for a Christmas present for me.
  18. I agree with you, it’s not about the eggs, although they are a bonus. I had to get the old run because of the avian flu regulations, the Omlet WIR would have taken too long to arrive. I had a small slope at the side of the patio dug out and levelled and the two sides shored up with sleepers, they are waist high. So nicely sheltered. There is a small gap all round so that I can add shading etc. As a bonus I have been able to make a small raised garden at the side of the run chicken proof ( almost) which is now planted with lavender and various other plants. But it has cost me all of my holiday savings and more! Expensive eggs??……but worth it! Good luck with yours, your run sounds great. Don’t forget to get a tarpaulin or something to cover the top ready for avian flu regulations in the autumn.
  19. I have 4 hens in a go up inside a walk- in run. The run is 3 x 4 metres. But I also have a 12 x 6 ‘ walk-in ‘ run for them. I bought the Omlet WIR earlier this year because the other one slopes down at the sides and is really awkward for a human! l think my girls are quite happy in the go-up but at the moment only one is sleeping in it. The other three sit on top of it or on the perch. They seemed happy enough in the winter inside the coop. They also free range when I’m in the garden. But be warned, you will always be raiding the bank for them! Old run, cover now removed and replaced with shade netting. New WIR in specially dug out area. Nice and sheltered!
  20. So sorry to hear this. I let my girls free range as much as possible, but only if I’m around. We have foxes here, my neighbour feeds them and I worry about them a lot. But they love being ‘outside’!
  21. Sorry I don’t think I’ll have time at the moment.
  22. With all this talk about kiwi fruit I’m rather glad I’m allergic to them!

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