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  1. I believe I have sorted this problem out. What I was missing is that the door does not run a re-calibration if a factory reset is performed while the module is connected to the door. You must perform a factory reset of the module while the wiring is disconnected from the door. Then, when you reconnect the module, it will re-calibrate the open/close positions. After doing this, my door began working very well. I believe the trouble is that, logically, people are assembling the door and testing it before actually mounting it to the coop. This results in a calibration that may not be proper for the door once installed. The door then thinks it is blocked and open/closes repeatedly. Hope this helps!
  2. ...only, it's happening straight away from day 1. I installed my Omlet autodoor yesterday and it will not stay closed. It will loop through a close/open cycle at least 4 or 5 times and then say the door is blocked. There is nothing blocking the door. The unit is fresh out of the box. I have changed the batteries, factory reset, unplugged/replugged in the harness into the module. Nothing changes this "door is blocked" behavior. Very disappointed.

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