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  1. I have keeps a few chickens for 6 years. About 18 months ago we got 4 new chickens and within a few days the older ones had accepted them. Sadly as time goes on you lose your older birds and so accepted 3 very friendly and beautiful 6 month olds that needed a new home,. We've had them 2 weeks. Tonight I rescued one from being savagely pecked by one of my 18 month olds. She is bloody with nasty wounds on her neck. I've isolated her from the rest and tried to clean her up which she wasn't happy about! She's a bit sorry for herself but eating ok. I'm pretty sure if I hadn't got her out the other chicken would have killed her. I've got anti peck spray (lavender) but I don't think it's doing much and so have ordered Nettix spray, wound powder and some bits that fit to their beaks where they can still eat but not peck. My question is does anyone know of jackets that protect from feather Picking? I used one before which was very successful when one was being pecked on her back whilst moulting but I need one that covers the back if the neck towards the comb. Any advice would be welcome. Thank you in anticipation.

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