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  1. @mullethunter Ah thanks - that reassures me. Of course, typically she laid a lovely intact egg this morning!
  2. hi all We have 8 hens and a cockerel. As it's winter the egg laying rate has gone down - but we're fine with that. We're still getting one or two a day. The thing is that one egg from one hen keeps getting broken - we're still not sure if it's just getting sat on or eaten. ( The other eggs are fine) It's certainly got a thinner shell and this hen has always laid like that - but her eggs usually/mostly survive even in peak laying season. We feed them all Calcivet and to be honest, my guess is that she just lays thin shelled eggs and things will pick up with the spring - she's otherwise healthy but is one of the older ones. As I say, I think it's probably OK - the broken eggs still have some yolk or white in so I don't think it's winter hunger. I was just wondering if anyone had come across anything similar? thanks
  3. Thanks for that. In January took over a flock of 9 hens and a cockerel from someone who was moving off our allotment but shortly before the transfer one of the "hens" ( who had all been raised by the then owners) emerged as a cockerel and so had to be removed to a seperate run as he and the original cockerel were fighting. Then, unfortunately the original cockerel died so we tried to move the "spare" cockerel, Ken back in. But his sisters (and probably mums!) weren't having it and kept really attacking him. So over the past month or so we've moved him closer and closer until this weekend where he's just seperated by the mesh gate. We'll play it by ear for the next few weeks but so far everyone seems interested - but as you say, Ena, the dominant hen is keeping her distance, but frankly she's getting older now anyway and may not have the energy for a fight. If it really doesn't work, at least he has a lovely run now!
  4. Thanks all - in the end we're using it as a way to gently introduce Ken the cockerel..
  5. Hi all - just an update. The eglu run fitted fine onto the new WIR. I bought a connector kit but in the end just used some of it to fill some obvious gaps. The good news is that it meant that we can keep the seperating doors no problem! Photos attached
  6. Thanks very much - as you say, cable ties ( or eglu clips) sort most things!
  7. Thanks - from looking online at the entrance doors/panel to the Mk1 run extension it looks pretty much identical to that of the MK2 so hopefully all will be well. I suspect that even if it isn't a perfect fit, I can cobble something secure together - the clip system means that you have quite a lot of flexibility. I'll report back!
  8. Thanks - as @mullethunter says, and from the videos for fitting the connector, it looks like the doors to the original run are going to have to come off and then be refitted in a different way.
  9. hi I want to add a 2m x 2m walk in run to our Cube Mk2 3m run extension - I'm sick of all that bending! I see there's connector you can get to fix the run extension to the walk in bit but does anyone know if you can keep the existing door to the run extension if you do that? Or do you have to lose that bit when you connect? I like the idea of being able to shut the girls in the run extension - particularly if one or two need to be seperated or I want to introduce new hens. Thanks Simon
  10. Thanks - yes there's room on the allotment for there to be some distance between the two eglus. The thing is that we're getting quite attached to him - he seems so cheerful! Decisions decisions....
  11. Thanks for that. The new cockerel was seperated before we took on the hens - we were told there had been fighting - but we really just inherited him. I take your point about them still just fighting through the fence. At the moment, there's a bit of competitive crowing but the allotment has no neighbours and other plot holders seem fine with it. But yes - we'll keep him advertised as a lonely heart for now and then maybe have to make a the more difficult decision....
  12. Hi all We've had our 6 hens and a cockerell in our Eglu with a 3m run for a month or so now and all is well. They had been used to a slightly bigger coop but after a bit of jostling settle themselves in their fine at night. However, we also inherited another cockerell at the same time - he was a "late bloomer" who slipped through the net as far as the previous owners were concerned - or they had their suspicions but didn't tell us. Either way, it's fine for now - he's in a small seperate coop a bit away from everyone and we're trying to put him on a lonely hearts. But what with lockdown and avian flu restrictions there are no takers so we're thinking of getting him his own set of hens. My question is: If we got another eglu for him , would it be best to have it in a completely different part of the allotment or could we have the two eglus end to end with the (partitioned) run in between? And if we did that, how hard is it to create a side panel in the run so we can reach in to feed etc ? Or is the whole idea just a non-starter? Thanks
  13. Thanks - that's useful. We didn't want to lock them up - after all that's what they've come from - but as newbies you take the advice you're given....
  14. Hi all I hope this forum is the right place to ask this question. We're just about to take delivery of our first set of 4 rescue hens - their Eglu is all assembled and waiting for them! The hen rescue people say that we should leave then in the henhouse/eglu for the first 24 hours with plenty of food and drink. However, it seems to me that they would knock over any water bowls or feeders inside. I was wondering if anyone had come up with a nifty solution for this - I suppose ideally something that attached to the inside wall of the Eglu? Thanks Simon ( Gateshead)

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