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  1. Not sure what the allowed decibel levels are for outside noise but I'm a bit doubtful these birds exceed the limit. It's especially the non-stop noise, they do not shut up for a single second. It's constant, You're out in the garden you can hear them, I walk a couple of seconds to my car on the driveway, you can hear them, I open the window etc etc
  2. Music you absolutely hate, same volume as the birds, from 6AM-8PM non-stop.
  3. Answer me this: would you appreciate me playing music in my garden from dusk till dawn because 'that is what I do'?
  4. The difference between a cage and an aviary is the same as you not being able to leave your room and you not being able to leave your house. One is better than the other, but both are bad...and I would love to see your reaction if said yappy dog (in this case let's make it a Great Dane) is barking throughout most of the day and making your life miserable. You seem to have a pretty warped view on neighbour relations, I must say. I'm not judging which type of pets my neighbours are allowed to have as long as they don't spoil the enjoyment of my property. For all I care they can put up a snake house, tarantula den or breed rabbits. Aviaries are sure to make your neighbours hate you, sorry to break it to you.
  5. 2 budgies as opposed to an aviary full of them, seems like a fair comparison 🙄
  6. He clearly has not. My neighbour got rid of his budgies and now has 30 odd canaries and they never shut up and drown out all other bird song. I fully understand you wanting to release these awful birds to get some quiet and peace. I don't know how far you are from this aviary but I've even seen people putting up noise reduction panels in their garden to mitigate the noise coming from their neighbours. Again, completely wrong because why are we supposed to pay for a problem that was created buy other people?
  7. I do live in the countryside and I immensly enjoy bird song coming from wild birds, the difference is they are not confined in one space, the sound is fleeting whereas the noise coming from an aviary is permanent and coming from one location, from dusk till dawn. I've heard this false comparison wild birds vs aviary birds a lot and it just doesn't make sense. Also birds kept in captivity are always non native birds meaning you'll get screeching, shouting and all kinds of sounds that do not blend in with wild bird song.
  8. IMO there's a BIG difference between a kid that occassionaly screams, a dog that occasionally yaps or an aviary full of birds that never.shut.up! As soon as I'm in the garden I can hear them chirp, chickens are mainly silent apart from the egg laying thing but I don't mind that, It's all about the amount of noise and in the case of an aviary it's incessant, ongoing and very annoying. It's the equivalent of me playing dance music from 6-20 in my garden at a level within the legal decibel range. Not necessary and you are certain to upset your neighbours. If you want to keep birds, fine, keep them indoors and don't be a nuisance towards your neighbours.
  9. Old thread, but I wanted to chime in since the last post sound very familiar. I have a terrible neighbour who used to keep a cockerel, which I asked him to remove. He then put up an aviary full of budgies which make a horrible noise. After a lot of back and forth he agreed to get rid of them, By now you would expect he's aware of the fact I don't appreciate excessant noise, Mind you, they have about 14 chickens in their garden, right adjacent to our terrace.about which we NEVER complained since the noise is sporadic. So fast forward to 2 years ago, I noticed they started to keep canaries in cages, occasionaly they would put them out in the garden. At one point they moved them to a shed in the garden and eventually connected it to a new and purpose-built outdoor aviary ONCE AGAIN. So I'm now stuck with the non-stop noise of the caged animals. They don't shut up, ever, which has severly affected the enjoyment of our garden. I tried to reason with him but he's so thick he didn't see the problem, comparing it to the 'noise other outdoor birds make'...except this is a fleeting noise since they move around. His avairy is fixed in one place, about 30 feet from garden terrace. I have not spoken to him for over a year now but I do despise him for being so selfish. "Live and let live' indeed, try to enjoy your garden when you have 30 canaries that are chirping non-stop, People who say that are IMO usually the selfish asocial ones!

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