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  1. Check out the well-known auction site. I have a silver backed tarp for the sunny hot days and a transparent tarp for cooler wet days. The tarps are available in a huge variety of sizes, but don't buy the very cheapest as they dont last long.
  2. We use the light sensor setting, slightly adjusted to close when it is darker than factory setting. Only once did it shut out one unfortunate lady which was when I accidentally covered the sensor with a semi-transparent rain cover. Poor thing, she didn't want to know me the next day! I now check they are all inside when I am able to do so, but the door has operated faultlessly so far. (Tempting fate here).
  3. You have the right idea by keeping the nest box door closed until your chooks are laying. I did exactly the same and although I never close the door now, my girls never sleep in the nest box. It will be a tad more problematical when the time comes to replace some of my flock.

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