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  1. You must: keep free-ranging birds in fenced areas to minimise contact with wild birds, neigbouring poultry or captive birds inspect outdoor areas, removing wild bird contaminants like faeces, feathers and wild bird carcases fence off or put netting over areas of standing water or ponds provide feed and water undercover, so wild birds can’t access it make your premises unattractive to wild birds. Use bird scarers, foils or streamers keep ducks and geese separate from other poultry store bedding under cover to reduce the risk of contamination clean and disinfect footwear before and after tending to your birds. If you own more than 50 birds, place foot dips containing government approved disinfectant at all entry and exit points clean and disinfect hard surfaces regularly clean and disinfect equipment and vehicles to avoid disease spread between premises minimise the movement of people, vehicles and equipment to and from bird areas and keep records of movements keep records of poultry, captive bird and egg movements maintain buildings that house birds to prevent water ingress ensure pest control is effective This is a quote from the gov.uk site and from what I can see the first point is to ‘minimise contact’ with wild birds; I cannot see anything about netting them off from wild birds completely. To my mind the second bullet point is to ‘inspect outdoor areas’ which suggests that birds are still permitted in outdoor areas. I’m sure that last year the instructions were unequivocal about keeping birds indoors. Do others have a different interpretation of these points?
  2. As I read this we are not yet at a stage where our free-rangers have to be confined; is this general consensus? Our girls are running around the garden at the moment and the area is fenced it is just that it is quite a large area. I hope that I have this correctly otherwise it’s back to the gulag for them again.
  3. Would you replay your comment again: ‘…all anti vax people still expect a bed in ITU…’? Have you read your history of the run-up the the Second World War? This was the language used to separate the nation and ended in ghettos and concentration camps. Someone who refuses to take part in the experimental trials of any of the coronavirus vaccines is not necessarily ‘anti vax’; this is a perjorative term; I expect that these people pay their taxes towards the health service; some of them may be the very doctors and nurses you may need; the present vaccines do not stop one from getting or spreading the virus and a recent study from Norway says, I understand, that they do not prevent death from the virus, so what is the point of them? I have no issue with anyone’s choice as to whether or not they take the experimental jabs but I do take issue with such language as you have employed and would like you to think about the implications of such an attitude with regard to humanity, equality and apartheid. From Julia Hartley-Brewer: The Austrian government is about to order a national lockdown - but only for the 1/3 of the population who remain unvaccinated. Absolutely *****ing terrifying. If you aren't disturbed by this - and everything else happening right now - you're a fool. Correction: pejorative.
  4. Do they use the PCR test for diagnosis in Germany? Do you happen to know the number of cycles they use if so? Also, have the numbers of tests increased recently? This would be helpful to know as: a PCR test should not be used on its own for diagnosis and not run at over 28 cycles (number varies slightly from 20-28) according to the inventor of the PCR, Kary Mullis; when more tests are run, more ‘cases’ are found. (A case is someone being treated or in hospital otherwise it is an ‘infection’.). Interestingly, I was watching an interview with eight American doctors and scientists and one said that when he did PCR tests at his hospital he found that 91% of his patients had influenza A, not the coronavirus. This chimes with a retired nhs statistician I follow who has access to electronic patient records for a hospital trust and he found that the vast majority of emergency admissions had been coded incorrectly as covid-19; only about 9 out of 161,000 admissions confirmed by symptoms, not the faulty PCR. This may not be the case in Germany or other countries.
  5. As various scientific studies have shown that masks make no difference to transmission of the coronavirus (trying to stop flies with a chain link fence) but do have a negative impact on the wearer by way of bacteria and less oxygen, why would you demonise people who read the science or who may have health reasons for not wearing one? I have read that the development of children’s brains has been negatively impacted by mask-wearing.
  6. Oh, b****r! I hope that we don’t have another lock-in as my girls are only happy when wandering around outside. Thank you for letting the community know.
  7. I have started a new thread as the one I found on the site was from 2012... I have bought a Grandpa’s Feeder for my three bantams and had read that the feeder was adjustable for bantams but when it arrived I could find no adjustment for weight of bird. Reading more on the website it stated that the adjustment is just putting a weight on the treadle; I hardly call that an adjustment more a Heath Robinson bodge. Has anyone else had one of these for bantams and fixed a weight to the treadle and, if so, how did they do this? Thank you.
  8. I think that their excavating capabilities should be used.
  9. First thing on April 1st they’re out of clink!
  10. Thank goodness for that, mullet hunter; there’s a limit to how many acres I could sanitise!
  11. Patricia W, I thought that the extra bio-security was in respect of flocks of 500 birds or more, as per the post from mountainboarddude above.
  12. Thank you, Patricia W. I only looked at the official page and not Facebook. I’ll keep my feathers crossed that it is lifted on the 5th April.
  13. Do you have any news of the result of the 10th March Defra meeting, mountainboardude? I cannot find anything online, in fact there is a dearth of news about the AF lockdown on any sites including those for commercial poultry and the NFU. One would have thought that Defra would be updating us all regularly. It’s a good point, mountainboarddude, that the housing order needs to be lifted before the 4th April or poultry keepers will not be able to label their produce as ‘free-range’ any more. One would hope that Defra don’t want that. My little chooks are running up and down the wire trying to get out, which I don’t like to see. Patricia W, I had not seen your post, apologies. So nothing before the 4th April. I looked on The Poultry Club of Great Britain’s site and the only mention of Avian Flu was dated 8th December 2020; not exactly current. Do you know of any formal announcement that I can research? I’m finding it very frustrating that there is nothing on internet searches of recent date and certainly no clue as to when the housing order may be lifted.

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