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  1. Hi. I have recently purchased the Omlet automatic coop door and noticed that the control unit has an heater port inside, can this heater port be used and programmed at all as there is nothing in the instruction book or an option in the control unit menus for it to be used.
  2. Thank you very much for your advice. You have openned up a few options to me now, it might be that I use a ceramic bulb and mount it in a tin like Pete has done below. Many thanks again.
  3. Wow. Pete thats defo Dragons Den stuff. I'm into a bit of DIY myself so wont take too much to knock up your solution with a thermostat. I guess the warmth from the bulb keeps the water from freezing too.
  4. Our Silkie has taken to sleeping on the floor of the coop. We spoke to the breeder that we got them from and she said maybe the she is finding it too cold on the roost and so sleeping on the floor. We have put some hay on the floor where she sleeps to help keep her warm.
  5. Hi all. We're still really new to keeping chickens, this being our 1st winter of having them, we're a little worried about the freezing cold nights now, we have a Silkie which we believe could struggle to keep warm at night in cold temperatures so I'm wondering what that best way/best products might be to warm the coop a little? Thanks in advance. Grant
  6. Hi all. We got our chickens about a month ago and are no end of fun with their different personalities however over the last week our silkie has been staying in the nesting box, roosting on the floor of the coop and reluctant to leave the coop at all she has also stopped laying. Has anyone any ideas if this is normal for the time of year ? (I do understand that they may not lay over the darker months). Many thanks in advance.

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