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  1. Hope your girl recovers. Unfortunately we had similar symptoms with our four year old ex batt . Vet prescribed Tylan and we ordered some beryls bacteria.
  2. Sorry to read this sad story Girly 😥
  3. Hi Gardengirl sounds like you e had a stressful time of it with the chickens. It’s a shame because it takes the fun out of keeping them and I’m questioning whether I will have anymore after flopsy due to all the worry and hard work trying to keep her happy and my house clean at the same time. luvachicken had a good suggestion for me to get a dog crate and put some lino down so it limits the amount of mess you have to clean up to one area if you decide you can manage with having your hen indoors. I really struggled with the situation at first but I’ve got used to it and learnt a lot about chickens by having flops indoors with us. I wouldn’t do it again and I wouldn’t recommend keeping a hen indoors unless absolutely essential but it is doable, she is happy and it gets easier as time goes on.
  4. Hi Dina, sorry for my late reply. Im in Essex, considered a high risk area for avian flue so still no company for our flopsy. I really think she is happy though. I do occasionally worry she has no company of her own kind but I think even if I get more chickens she will still live with us unless she chooses to move outdoors. She’s used to central heating and Netflix now 🙈 plus she still has a limp so I worry she might be bullied. It is hard work because there’s ALOT of mess but I have her contained to the back of the house with a child gate and an extendable dog gate. I’m currently working from home so I’m with her all day. Before the avian flue outbreak she was out freeranging the garden most of the day so I hope the spring should be easier. She follows me around everywhere, behaves like a normal chicken and even started laying eggs, which I didn’t expect she ever would. please let me know how you get on and what you decide to do with your girl. Best of luck Hi Dragonfli I did look into them but they had bad reviews on Amazon . People were saying that the extra large size would only fit a bantam. There were also some you could order from USA and on Etsy but they were quite expensive. I might have another look though as I’m going through tons of kitchen roll and zoflora disinfectant on my floors!!!
  5. Hi Toast, sorry to hear you lost one of your hens. It’s a sad situation but even worse when you are worrying about one being lonely. We are in a similar situation, we were due to have two ex batts from the BHWT rescue on 21 November but everything’s been cancelled because of avian flue. Our flopsy chicken lives indoors with us now so she has us as company. I’ve bought a cat litter tray and litter for her to dust bath, she got a peck toy for Christmas and I hang an apple on string. If we are out for a length of time I leave the tv on for her. She definitely gets lonely without us and starts calling for us in the morning if we are still in bed. It’s not an ideal situation by far but I think she is happy. I hope you find a solution , I remember all the worry we went through. Keep us posted how you get on x
  6. Always reassuring to hear I’m not the only one with a chicken indoors 😅. At least you should get a good nights sleep luvachicken knowing your girls are tucked up all cosy and safe in your dining room. Hope no one suffers too much damage from the storm
  7. It’s been a bit easier the past couple of days, we’ve been working in the garden so I’ve forced her outside with us. Initially she just stood at the back door asking to go back indoors but after a while she wandered off and was scratching around. With the early nights she’s in bed by 4pm. Still trying to sleep on the sofa!!! But I’ve drawn a line there and put her in the cat basket on bottom shelf of a cupboard. The door is open so she can get out but as soon as I put a blanket over it she stays there until I get up the next morning thank you for your advice and support it’s much appreciated
  8. That’s so sweet! These little chickens have such big personalities
  9. I’ve ordered a retractable dog gate to try and contain her a bit and keep her from jumping on my sofas. I’ve also cleared out a cupboard and put a cat box in there , with a blanket thrown over the top when she’s sleepy. She still tries to get on the sofa to sleep. I do have wooden flooring so I’m mopping morning, noon and night. I put her out in the eglu run this morning and she hated it, pacing up and down. I’m having second thoughts about getting more chickens. It’s really hard work . thanks for all your advice cat tails x
  10. This whole house chicken situation is really beginning to stress me out. I’m constantly mopping the floor, not only poo everywhere but she’s growing feathers so dandruff everywhere too. I love her to bits and she doesn’t want to be outside on her own but it’s starting to get to me the constant cleaning
  11. That’s a great idea, you mean as an alternative house for the new chickens right? I would put it within the secure eglu run
  12. Hi Suze, I have an ex batt with a limp. BHWT advised to give her a quarter of aspirin tablet daily for as long as needed. Buy 300mg tablet and break into quarters rather than trying to get a whole 150mg tablet down their beak . Hope she mends soo.
  13. Thanks Beantree. What lucky little chickens you have! I must admit this little hen has completely stolen my heart . She’s so gentle and quiet, not like my previous bold mischievous hens! i have laminate flooring but am already fed up with disinfecting and mopping the floors twice a day. This will have to be a temporary solution until I can find her some company. im going to extend the run divide it in half she will have the eglu end and the newbies will have the other end. Not sure what I will use as a nesting box yet. I’m nervous about the introductions but I think she needs some chicken company
  14. Hi Luvachicken thank you for your reply. I’m working from home at the moment so she’s been indoors with me during the day for company with music on. I decided she could stay in overnight but she asks to go back out to bed about 5pm. She’s so adorable, a real little gentle sweet thing. She won’t come out of her bed this morning, I did feed her in there and she ate but I hate to think she is sad. I don’t know if I would be kinder rehoming her. Both rescues for companions are mid November so she has a few weeks on her own yet

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