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  1. Hi Woodburner owner here as well. One in the living room , so easy to use and maintain so we installed another in the kitchen. We burn bought in logs, a mixture of soft wood and hard wood and compressed sawdust logs. Sawdust logs can be bought from Home Bargins in 10kg packs or delivered by the pallet load, 93 packs per pallet I think. The sawdust logs need a dry place to be stored. Home Bargins also sell kindling and firefighters at good prices. My local Lidl had ash vacuum cleaners for sale yesterday, think they cost 29 pounds. There is an 8 page discussion on woodburners on page 6 in the Green Living part of the forum which you might find helpful.
  2. I know the place you are talking about. I was planning on going there this week, might stay away now. Ive also seen chickens out and about in a garden on my way to work. This is actually making me very cross. My girls have been locked away since the 6th December and will be that way now until at least the end of April. I was so tempted at the weekend to let them out for an hour before they went inside the Cube to roost. I didn't though but cant say I will not. On the plus side my garden is chicken poo free. The girls are cleaner, their feathers and feet are mud free. The Cube is cleaner too. They have been wormed. They are enjoying all the treats hanging in their run especially the Chickstick feeder and the stalks of Brussel Sprouts.
  3. I have a Garmin Vivofit 2 tracker which only leaves my wrist when I change the strap. Pros in no particular order - Different coloured straps available to buy separately from the tracker No need to charge, runs off a replaceable coin cell battery which should last 12 months. Mine is still working after 14 months. Waterproof to 50 metres. Swim, shower, and do aqua fitness wearing wearing it. Tracks sleep Tracks steps and distance Tracks activities, eg running, spinning, exercise classes Tracks calories used Easy to read screen with a backlight . Mine doubles up as a watch Can read the data except the sleep on the tracker itself Join in challenges with other Garmin users Links up with the My Fitness Pal app and others Gives you an audible and visual alert if you sit on your bum for too long Costs less than £60 now as an improved Vivofit 3 is available Cons - No heart rate monitoring although you can buy a heart rate chest strap which connects with the tracker If I was a first time buyer now I would go for the Vivofit 3 as it has more features but not enough new features for me to upgrade.
  4. Back to Sunday morning circuits at my local community centre tomorrow morning I want to stay as fit and active as I was in 2015 I was doing several classes a week last year, circuits x3, spinning x2, aqua aerobics x1, and an occasional swim after a class. A new gym is opening at the community centre very soon which I would like to go to, I will need to drop 1 or 2 of the other classes though I am a member of my local councils fit for life club. 19 pounds a month entitles me to unlimited entry to various exercise classes, pool use including lessons, gym, steam room and saunas at any of the council run community centres. Paying separately for these would cost at least 4 pounds a time. Also I will be back on my bicycle to work as soon as it gets light enough in the mornings.
  5. Went to see DD ( age 20) play football yesterday. Proud mum moment when she scored , left footed as well So proud of her because she fractured her spine in two places at the beginning of the year in an horrific car accident. A scary few months for her and the family as we waited for her to heal and make a full recovery.
  6. Beef cheek casserole in the slowcooker Usually have to do a special order for the cheeks from my local butcher and have to order more than I actually need, although I do freeze some. Sometimes he cant get them for me. Saw them yesterday at the butchery counter at Tesco, not a place I shop at any more but popped in for milk.
  7. I have a 9kg Beko machine which is about 2 years old. I can do a 9kg wash at 40c in 38 minutes. A 30c 9kg wash takes 28 minutes and a 60c 9kg wash takes 58 minutes. There is a super quick wash at 30c and takes 14 minutes, which I use very occasionally. Towels and bedding I wash at 60c. Everything else is washed at 40c. I add Napisan to 40c washes containing underwear. My machine also has lots more programmes, most I would never use - baby and toddler clothes wash which takes over two and a half hours why?!
  8. 3c at the moment and in the middle of a snow blizzard It has been cold, wet, snowy and miserable all day. Roll on Spring
  9. Happy me tonight. DS is home for a few days a long drive for him from Portsmouth to home might be quite a while till we see him again as he is due to join a ship very soon. Going to spoil him rotten this week
  10. Brie and Cranberry sauce on wholemeal or granary bread.
  11. I asked for no presents this year. The local radio station had an appeal going for gifts for children that wouldn't be visited by father Christmas . At one point they had more children than gifts I asked family to make a donation to the appeal rather than buy me presents. Best christmas present I could be given. Had a lovely day with my lovely family and lovely food I hope that a child or children somewhere locally managed to have a lovely day too with a pressie from Father Christmas. Didn't miss not having presents to open. I will be asking for the same this year.
  12. Just waiting now for round two with snow thrown in for good measure I hate snow
  13. Chicken run survived as did the sheds and wood stores. Slates missing from Cottage roof and some guttering will need repairing. Two trees at a precarious angle which will need felling, glad they didn't fall into the lane. I decided to wait until it was fully light before going to work. So glad I did as 3 large tree branches were across the driveway. These must have fallen after OH had gone to work, if I had gone to work in the dark I would have reversed/driven over them, either way it would have been messy. An empty house near by had its heating oil tank on its side in the front garden , yesterday it was round the back the right way up. Both my greenhouses have been destroyed
  14. The wind doesn't seem to be easing. The end kitchen wall is taking the full force of the wind, sounds like someone is trying to knock down the wall with a wrecking ball. The wind is coming into the kitchen via a double socket on the wall Not looking forward to going out to work later.
  15. In the middle of one scary storm. Have been awake since 2am. Just watched from DD's bedroom window one of our 8x4 glass greenhouses lifted from its concrete base. It is now lying at an angle a mess of metal and broken glass. Lights are flashing every few seconds. The noise of the wind is scary. I fear for the chicken run, the sheds and the wood stores and the other greenhouse. It wont be light until after 8am so a while before any damage will be seen properly. Internet connection not good so I will submit this message.

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