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  1. We found it took two, one to hold and one to cut, I tend to gently hold their head at the top of the neck to prevent any nasty scissor-eye mishaps. Our polish hen on the other hand will happily sit still for the entire grooming session.
  2. I had this problem for a while with my silkies at a similar age and I had a thought that maybe they couldn't see the ladder/entrance well enough, happily a quick trim around the eyes sorted it. At this age I've found you have to trim around the eyes regularly due to the moults etc as they grow. I've also noticed they stand up for themselves better when their vision is clearer. Worth a try if you haven't already?
  3. I also have the Omlet autodoor, purchased new last summer, I would recommend it. No problems so far and with some high capacity AAs (preferably rechargeable) it keeps going for months, even with the Omlet auto coop light. That being said the recommended mounting point for the control box on a MK1 is awful (in my opinion), difficult to access for maintenance or just changing times. I'd mount it on the outside of the run. I'll be following this post closely for camera recommendations, I hadn't thought of using a bird box cam. P.s. the setup and chicks look lovely
  4. Cube extension no longer available. Fencing kit still available.
  5. Now looking for £100 ONO Also have a 21m Omlet fencing kit for sale only 6 months old. Make an offer if interested.
  6. Hi all, we are selling 2m of our MK1 cube run extension as we now have the WIR. 1m was purchased new from omlet about 3 months ago and so is in great condition. The other metre section came with the coop (used) so I don't know old it is, generally good condition but has a broken bit of the skirt. I have a skirt section from omlet that matches and I will include it to the fill the gap. This also includes the 2 steel hoops, again one new and one older. I'll also include a bunch of new clips as I bought a big bag from omlet. I'm based in Worcester and am looking for £150. Drop me a PM if you're interested or have any questions. Thanks, Andy
  7. Thanks Cat Tails. I had a ring around and it seems like most places are fully sold out, particularly due to the lockdown rush. I've since done many, many hours of research on Bantam types and I'll probably wait until next year to get some Bantam Brahmas or booted bantams. In the meantime I came across a young welbar Bantam for sale which seem like a very interesting, friendly and rare breed. I understand the difficulties with introducing hens particularly individuals and we do have spare facilities to facilitate a slow and careful introduction. Or incase we have any other issues. Thanks again, this forum is wonderful.
  8. Both wonderful options. Faverolles look adorable. Am I right in thinking that we will need to wait until next year now? Or do some breeders continue later in the season? They are first and foremost pets so a steady supply of eggs is not essential, plus one of our silkies lays five eggs a week without fail so far so we have enough for a regular delicious breakfast.
  9. Ours is setup on the timer too, we also have the omlet light connected which turns on a little before the door is due to close to encourage the girls to bed. Have had this setup for a couple of months now and they all make it up every night. I rarely check anymore.
  10. Thanks so much for the advice. We'll start looking for some friendly bantams. Bantam Orpingtons also seem like a good choice but I'm not sure how readily available they are in the UK.
  11. Hi everyone, this is my first post but this forum has been a wonderful resource so far so thank you to everyone for all the indirect help and advice we've enjoyed! Just a bit of background first: My partner and I have had hens for about 6 months now, we started with 2 silkies and 2 polish and added 2 speckledys a week or so later. We absolutely love them, have been getting loads of delicious eggs and they all got on great for a time, however: (Long story short) the boss hen (Hedwig the Speckledy) nearly killed one of the silkies when she went broody and the other Speckledy is consistently pecking the rump of a Polish. The hens have lots of space (24m2 run plus regular free range in our 30m long garden) and I really don't think they're bored or ill. We have tried many suggestions from this forum with limited success but have fortunately found a lovely home with some larger hens for the two troublemaker speckledys. We will be sad to see them go and will miss the eggs (they haven't missed a day of laying since they started months ago). We would very much like to add two hens to our flock to replace them. Although one of the silkies is very strong and keeps herself high in the pecking order, the other one is now very timid around the other hens. We would therefore like some very docile hens, preferably that may lay some eggs over the winter. I have been considering Brahmas as they seem docile, friendly and may lay during the winter. Is this a good plan despite the huge size difference? Are there any alternatives you'd recommend? Thanks in advance! P.S. the girls live in a Cube MK1 with a covered 4m run, which is always open to a 24m2 pen (omlet fencing) and they are let out in the garden almost everyday for a few hours.

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