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  1. I think if our discus went pear shaped then I think we will go marine. We are now 10 months in with the discus and 8 weeks prior to that with the tank /water setting up. They actually appear to know you and come to the front of tank ......makes it so rewarding. £1.500 per fish 😮 I’d want a lake full 🤪
  2. Had my 6 girls since October and today we’ve had a 6 egg day 😎. Dippy eggs for tea tonight 👍👍
  3. Oops 🤪 that was meant to say.....we found it hard to find plants to withstand the 28-30 degree heat that the discus need.
  4. Yes they are tank bred ...we found a discus specialist not far from us and he gave us a fair amount of advise. Yes you could use that RO unit👍. I would love a marine tank but someone once said that they were very difficult to keep and you needed a very big open wallet??😲 although that was about 15 years ago. That’s a lovely natural looking tank .....your plants look really healthy . We found it hard to find plants to withstand the 28-30 degree heat that need.
  5. We have 14 discus of varying sizes and so far so good. It was very confusing at first as the advise we was getting was very conflicting.....especially about the water. Some said it had to be soften water and others disagreed. We settled on tap water👍. We haven’t had any problems so far (touching some wood🤪). lin
  6. Wow they’re lovely 👍. I keep fish too but tropical. Have a tank with discus. lin
  7. Thought I’d share a pic or two of our fish tank. lin
  8. I have had the same problem ☹️......and was advised that I was feeding too many treats ( I admit that I was 😳). My girls were eating the treats and hardly eating their layers pellets. So we presumed that they were lacking in nutrients. So all treats stopped and bumper bits fitted on the feather pecking culprits. We found soaking the bumper bits in hot water for a few minutes to soften for easier fitting. A couple of weeks or so gone by and feathers starting to show signs of growing 👍. We took mildreds and debs bumper bits off yesterday, now got fingers crossed that they’ve learnt their lesson. lin
  9. I received an e mail today from omlet about a competition but it would appear that you have to be on Facebook to enter? Is that correct? I unfortunately don’t do face book and just wondered if there was a another way to enter. Just fancied trying my luck. 🤪
  10. What a great idea, any more details on which version you have, also where best to purchase these cameras would be much appreciated. Thanks lin
  11. Thank you for all your replies and helpful suggestions. I now realise that I’m not the only one with this distressing problem. Although I hold my hands up and realise I was to blame😥. I now accept that I was giving them too much in the way of treats and scraps, therefore they were not eating their pellets. So eventually they are not getting the nutrients they need🙁. So I’m guessing that’s why the feathers are being pulled out and eaten? We have now identified the main culprit .... Mildred! She is now in a naughty cage 😮, she is still in the run so can she the other ladies and she seems to be happy .....even laid me a egg this morning👍. We have ordered some bumper bits from omelet and once she has that fitted she can go back with the others ladies. Fingers crossed this works. Thank you for all your advice. Now we have just got to eat cabbage every day as I have a fridge full of them 🤪. lin
  12. Thank you for your replies. The run is a fair size and they have things inside to keep them amused ..... a tyre and an old chimney stack to climb on they also have a swing, although I haven’t seen them use it yet plus a dust bath. I will get some lice powder just in case they have them. We also put them on worming pellets today. I will say that they do not look unhappy but think they might when I stop their treats 🤪. lin
  13. Hi ... I have had my 6 pol ladies since October and all seemed to be going well........until just recently, when I noticed that when Doris bent over she had a bald bum😮. Unfortunately on closer inspection all of them have bare bums or at least some feather loss. Have checked for red mites in the coop and it seems mite free. I do put powder in the coup regularly, so I don’t think it’s to do with mites. The coop was advertised as being able to have up to 8 hens so should be big enough for them. One other thing I’ve noticed is they don’t eat many of their layers pellets.....would that be because they have a bowl of scraps most mornings, also a slow release pecker thing with corn in and a cabbage or broccoli hung up most days. They also,have a pecker block hanging up. Do you think that’s too much treats so that they don’t want to eat the pellets??. All help and advice would be much appreciated. thank you lin

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