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  1. I love the daisies too! The newbies are proving to be quite shy; I've coaxed them out a few times, but ATM they are happiest snuggled up in their coop.
  2. Light sussex (Alicia), Welsummer (Darrell) and Cream Legbar (Belinda)
  3. Next, a slightly fuzzy pic of the gold Brahma, she is the youngest of the girls, about 10 weeks, and is called Wilhelmina (aka Bill) - my daughter is v into Malory Towers atm!
  4. I'll have a go at some pics! Apologies for the quality - they are off my phone, until I can do some proper ones on my camera! First, my grand old lady - she is truly amazing!
  5. I was on this forum YEARS ago, and thought would come back and chat chicken-things! We started off chicken keeping about 7 years ago - we had some hybrids, which have gradually gone to the great chicken coop in the sky, though we have one of our original ladies left - a 7 1/2 year old Speckeldy hybrid(!) - she even gave us some eggs this year - she is a truly remarkable chicken! Anyway, I obviously wanted some new girls, and today I came home with a Light Sussex, a Welsummer, a Cream Legbar, a Gold Brahma, and because I just couldn't resist her, a little brown silkie! Will try to add some pics in a moment, but just wanted to check in with my new chooks really!
  6. We built two - you can see them on my blog which is http://www.hensandeggs.blogspot.com (you'll need to go back a bit to find the green run) Pluses - we could build them to fit exactly into our garden - and paint them accordingly, it did work out a lot cheaper than an equivalent run/house would. Also we had to mod ours which was easier having built it. The only 2 minuses were that with the first one we were making it up as we went along, and we did get a few things wrong, which are better with mark 2, and that it took a while to build them (although 2nd time round was MUCH quicker). Definitely a good way of getting a nice coop and run.
  7. We have two runs of 3 chickens and in one we have a Bovan Goldline, a Bluebelle and an Amber Star - they look stunning together, as the colours go really well together - Ginger/brown, White with brown flecks and charcoal grey. They are good layers and really really friendly.
  8. It's weird how last week they were not keen, this week they're happy as anything! Can only think it is the increased superiority of the newbies coming into lay.
  9. Back in July I got 2 new chickens to go in with my existing chicken Dopey who had been mercilessly bullied. However she then turned bully, and I had to cane off the run into two sections, so they could get used to each other. As much as a week ago she was still a bit agressive to them. Then Smokey, the bluebelle, came into lay. And this morning I discovered that Snowdrop the Amber Star had managed to move a couple of the canes and get through to Dopey's side. But all seemed ok. I apprehensively removed a couple more canes - and they are fine! Happy together. Eating, drinking, snuggling up together. Which is fantastic - I had just about given up hope of them ever getting on, but I am very happy to be proved wrong!
  10. Just saw the question about the bench - I think it was ToysRUs a few years ago - but our kids are too big for it and it is a bit broken so rather than throwing it away we gave it to the chickens! Bullying - I think we don't have any because there are only 3 in each run, so a relatively small flock size. When we had 4 in the green run, Dopey did get a bit bullied, and that was why we needed to build the blue run. I still haven't managed to fully integrate Dopey with Snowdrop and Smokey - so they live together but apart iyswim!
  11. I think you're going to have a hard job introducing 1 chicken to a pair tbh. Is there any way you can get another from the same batch? If you have a look at egluntine's article, there is some good advice about dividing up runs, and this is what I have done in one of our runs - it does take a lot of time to get them to accept each other!
  12. No, don't add water! It smells really horrible when it gets wet I think - far worse than the chicken poo does!

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