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  1. Hi we had the same problem with our 3 not laying at first. We bought them point of lay on September first (18 weeks), and were told they would start between 18 and 24 weeks. They are all different breeds, we have a maran like yours. One did after 5 days, and continued for about 3 weeks, but after laying 2 double yolkers , then a few soft shells she stopped until this week when she has started again. The second one started this week and the third still no egg! Like you we thought it was something we were doing, but it seems that they reach maturity at different stages. They do need to perch when they sleep I think and would maybe prefer the nest box off the floor? Their house does look really cosy. The other thing is to make sure they only have access to their layers pellets, they need the vitamins etc to enable them to develop enough to lay eggs. So if you are giving them corn, which they love, treat it like chocolate and only give then a tiny bit in the afternoon, after they have filled up on the pellets during the day. Also, when they are nearly ready to start laying you will find they squat down when you approach them, thinking you are a cockerel!! Don't stress, just relax and be patient and I am sure it will happen. Carolyn

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