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  1. Imagining how a chicken with worms feels is somewhat beyond my powers given she is showing no signs of ill health apart from losing a few feathers! However, plan is to worm them all with flubenvet and see how they go. Thanks for your replies all.
  2. Oh dear, the view about the dead worm was from the breeder who I rang for. advice. No sign of pecking from others. Hoping it is a mini moult.
  3. Thanks for your replies. I realise verm x isn't an actual wormer (despite their claims) and have some flubenvet already on standby. I can't say for sure how old they are but would guess the ISA brown was around 20 weeks when bought. She laid four small eggs then stopped. The others, a Sussex Star and a Black Rockstar were 16 weeks at a guess. Tiny combs when bought. They all get on well and love being out in the garden. I have been told that passing a dead roundworm is a good sign as it couldn't survive in the hen's gut. Clearly she is not struggling too much as she's completely herself!
  4. Dear all I'm a chicken owner of 6 weeks. Three hybrids. Only the ISA brown was in lay but has stopped. She's losing a few feathers around her tail so I thought it was moulting. Her comb is a bit pale and dry. They have cider vinegar in water, plus vitamin tonic as I thought that would help if she was moulting. I've checked where she's losing feathers at the top of her legs and back end (not a great number), right down to the skin and couldn't see any creepy crawlies. Yesterday I found a dead roundworm in some droppings in the coop. I did worm them a fortnight ago using verm x. She's bright eyed and active and doesn't appear unwell. Should I be worried? Any tips? Thanks in advance for any help. Edward

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