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  1. Did it turn up again......if not it might have just recovered and flown away lets hope so
  2. Done, its fresh hay from the farm down the road plus i sprayed for mites just in case although very rare in winter But thanks for the thought
  3. Thanks Beantree, Im going to make a chickenwire tray to hang under the roosts to stop breakage and lets hope they see sense soon The nest boxes are full of good fresh hay
  4. I have 2 chickens quite young, a Sussex and a bluebelle, that i thought was a Sussex. A few days ago they stopped using the nest box and started to lay direct from the roost, leading to cracked or smashed eggs. I have laid extra hay underneath where they roost, BUT I'd much rather they used the nest boxes instead. Its only one hen doing this, the other didnt start to lay yet Anyone got any help of advise on how to achieve this???
  5. he maybe just cold. give him water and feed, like mealworms close to where you find him and hope You can also put a cardboard box with some old cloth inside and maybe he will use that Trying to catch him should be the very last resort
  6. I’m not sure i am using the correct terminology but it’s grey and looks just like a sussex I will try to take photos in the morning and hope that helps what’s a bluebell???
  7. Hi there, I have what i believe is a grey sussex Its silver grey, i also have a white one The sliver grey one has grey legs.. Is it a sussex?? or a crossbreed ?

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