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  1. Will try the flour! I have had no soft shells, but the 3 girls are still all laying every day! There has been no break at all! The shells are quite thin still, I think it is 1 girl especially, but cant work out which? 2 seem to be OK but not 'tough', there always seems to be 1 fragile one.I have tried them on everything, but they wont eat anything bigger than a mash ( unless it is pasta or cat food! ) I do put the Poultry Spice in the food, but not every day. At least 3 times a week. Thank you!
  2. I would go for a cube! I have 3 chickens in a Eglu, it is OK at night, but during the day they need more space. My lot have my garden to muck around in! In hindsight I would have bought a cube! Am saving as we speak!
  3. I get really brittle shells from my girls and have tried oyster shell (they spit it out ). Will try the mashed potato method though! They LOVE pasta and I have tried mixing it with that. But the shell is left in the bottom. I must say I didn't realise that they could eat whole potatoes!
  4. I live in Dorset. About 2 miles from the monitoring area! It is very scary! Many of my friends have plots of land with Geese and/ or chickens on! As well as other animals. My vet has said to keep them in a covered run or in the house (theirs or yours!!!!)! Looks like I may have 3 house chickens, as well as 5 dogs and 2 cats!!! Good job I am not house proud LOL LOL Does the mix sound good!? The dogs are fine (despite 4 being gun dogs!) as they are all terrified of the girls!
  5. I bought an Eglu because I liked the look of it! Shallow, I know! Having said that I have had wooden houses before and no matter what chemical I powdered, sprayed, fed, cleaned with, etc I had terrible trouble with red mite! I have had these rescue chickens for 5 months and only sprayed and then hosed the house with an animal safe disinfectant. It takes about 10 mins and I have had no problems at all!

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