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  1. Thanks so so much, all. Some helpful tips (we’re purchasing a different feeder) and will see how rat proof we can make the house (we’ve little umbrella type things for the pipes on the walls) and will wire the drains among other things. Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply- it’s made me feel less terrible about the situation and more able to deal with it.
  2. I know rats are attracted to chicken food and poop and all the rest. We of course bring food in (our delightful two girls love to knock the grub box over and jump on it!) at night but there is always some in the run due to the dropped box and/or mess they make. We also bring in the water. However.... we now have rats IN THE HOUSE (loft and wall cavities- won’t venture in to the house due to our cat). We’ve had pest control in and he’s said as long as there are chickens there will be rats and they won’t eat the ‘beans on toast’ rat poison (I’ve no problem with that killing- we’ve small children and I don’t want them to ever be inside our home) when there is a gourmet dinner just outside. We’ve bought stuff to stop them getting in but we live in a 1930s semi and they’re also now bugging the neighbours. What do we do? Will we ever be rid of them? The rat man also said the rats secrete a pheromone and others will follow the path they make. Especially while there are such rich pickings outside. Do we give up? Persevere? I don’t want to give the girls up but I really don’t want rats here.

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