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  1. @Cat tails Sorry I meant Cream legbars! I would love a cream legbar because their eggs are stunning!
  2. I would love an Ayam Cemani! They are so cool. But I would also love an Orpington, and a porcelain booted bantam. I would also love to have a ginger Silkie. I think they are so cute! Hopefully I will one day get a hen that lays blue eggs, maybe a bluebell.
  3. Hi again, so I have just ordered the Brinsea incubator advanced mini. It arrived today and I am just setting it up! It is much better so thank you for mentioning it.
  4. Thank you so much! It isn’t a yellow incubator. I think that I am just going to trust the process. If by next Wednesday I don’t see any development then I will get a new incubator!
  5. No I haven’t cancelled because I have 17 days to go. I can’t tell this early if they are fertile because it’s only been a few days since I put them in. The thermometers are slightly different now I have looked again. About a degree different. I think I’m going to wait a week and if I can see veins and a developing embryo then I will trust the incubator. Thanks for your help!
  6. So my incubator brand is not well known I bought it on Amazon and I think it’s Chinese. But the reviews seemed really good and it cost about £60 so I assumed it was quite reliable. My thermometers were the top searches when you type incubator humidity detector into Amazon. I bought two brands to compare and they are roughly the same. They are placed on top of the water tray which is about 10 cm from the fan. My humidity goes up and down regularly so I try to keep it around 51 %. The temperature also hops like yours from about 37.6 - 36.8, my thermometer I bought from Amazon wasn’t expensive about £9 (for both brands) Will me eggs still hatch if I trust the incubator temperature? I am trying to hatch Silkies
  7. Hi Everyone, so I am mid way through hatching some eggs, and I have set the temperature to around 37.5 degrees C for the incubator, although it does jump around a bit. Which is fine because the incubating temperature for silkies is around 37-38 Anyway, I installed a two devices that measure humidity and temperature so that I can keep an eye on the humidity, since the incubator doesn’t say it digitally. And both of the temperature recording say it is at 34.1 degrees even though my incubator is saying more. I’m not sure if this is because the incubator is reading the temperature at the fan of what? The incubator seems warmer than 34 degrees but I just don’t know?! The make of incubator seems to have great reviews and perfect hatch rates from customers so do I trust the incubator or the digital thermometers?
  8. @Cat tailsi meant ground up the oyster shell so that it is easier for her hen to eat, because she said her hen wasn’t eating the oyster shell, so i recommended to grind it so it is smaller, as my hen wouldn’t eat the oyster either because it was quite large pieces.
  9. Also I just remembered that a reason why she might have lost weight is because they use oyster shell and stones as grit that they store in their gizzard and if they don’t have enough then they struggle to break down food, so if they are not eating the oyster shell then she is probably loosing weight because she doesn’t have enough grit to break down all her food properly. It’s just a theory but it is quite a feasible explanation. So grind up some oyster shell in a pestle and mortar.
  10. Yes however because all the chickens are inside at the moment, oyster shell and vitamin D should get her back to laying hard egg shells. If the right calcium balance doesn’t do anything @Veritysilkies then there is probably some sort of internal problem. If all your other silkies are still laying hard eggs then it is probably an underlying issue the Silkie laying soft eggs has. So definitely get her checked.
  11. Yes, very similar to me. My silkies barely touched the oyster shell. First and foremost take her to an exotic vets. To fatten her up give them porridge every morning with water (not milk). As well as corn that contains maize will fatten her up. Although it is normal for you to be able to feel the breast bone. Maybe with a pestle and mortar grind the oyster shell up a bit more, because my oyster shell was too big which is why they wouldn’t eat it, and then mix it in with their daily corn and feed.☺️
  12. Hi, I also have silkies, and I recommend giving them a supplement to add to their water with vitamin D3 in it, don’t use AVC. Keep feeding oyster shell, Pellets, and fruit etc. But remember that if they are slightly overweight (it’s hard to tell with silkies I know!) then then that is another cause of egg shell softness. Check the breast area of the chicken, if you can’t see or it is hard to feel the breast bone centered, then it is over weight. If none of this improves the egg shell quality then it might either be because of the cold weather (it’s a strange theory but my silkies have stopped laying all together) Speak to the vet again and go to an exotics vet. Or she might have calcium absorption problems. Double check with an exotics vet! They are really good and usually have an expert chicken vet. What my silkies have is 60% pellets, 15% oyster shell, 10% corn, 15% veg. As well as supplements. I would up your oyster shell to a bit more for the next few days to see if it makes a difference. Good luck, keep us posted ☺️ Also, on omlet, they do an egg shell improver supplement which you dust on their feed. Try that!
  13. Wow @Patricia W lucky you! It is really nice to have neighbours like that. Mine are also quite understanding, but they are also old, and deaf so they probably wouldn’t hear him anyway 🤣
  14. Ahh I didn’t realise about pets4homes @Patricia W, if you don’t have a rooster already they are a really lovely addition, i 100% don’t regret keeping mine.
  15. @Patricia W not necessarily, I have a rooster and I have 4 hens, my rooster is perfectly fine and people I have spoken say the same thing, you don’t know unless you try ☺️ And of course culling isn’t the best idea. Also I recommend, if you do get a rooster, put it on Preloved.com or Pets4homes, because lots of people buy roosters, surprisingly! Also if you know someone local who sells chickens you can offer your rooster because they are always looking for more roosters to breed with.

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