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  1. Hi Everyone, so a little update on Hyacinth! She is quite a lot bigger now and has started showing some distinct gender features, it is still quite hard to tell but I have attached some photos so if anyone with eagle eyes want to try and guess whether it’s a hen/rooster that would be great. I have tried to take photos of certain parts because I know the way you usually sex silkies is from the shape of the comb ‘V or U’ and also hair growth and wing development. please excuse the bad photography, it is very hard to take pictures of a moving chick🤣
  2. Well the breeder hatched lots of chicks but he sexes them from day one and he had so many roosters that he needed to keep the hens he hatched. I am not worried at all about adding a chick to my flock because over the last few years I have added lots of different members to my flock that they now adjust quite quickly, especially my silkies, I also introduced my rooster as a chick to my flock and they were okay with it because their mothering side kicked in. I am sure it will be a challenge but I will get there eventually!
  3. No unfortunately none have hatched, but I have introduced my chick to my Silkie hen and she is very motherly so she was definitely good company and reassuring that the chick will do fine in a couple of months when I move her into the big chicken household. She is still living inside my house with heat, and lots of cuddly toys and mirrors and daily company and doesn’t seem lonely at all!🤣 This is her size update!
  4. Yay this is so great! My hens will be very thrilled to hear it!
  5. That’s interesting, (oops I mean cockerel then🤣) I guess I will just keep my fingers crossed for a hen then!
  6. Oh no😬😅 That is not good, a similar thing happened to mine, when I got him I made a mistake in thinking he was a girl and then I questioned myself because i guessed based on the shape of his comb and then at about 5 months mine started to crow🤣but I think I know what I will be looking for this time😂🤞🏻
  7. Well when I initially bought my rooster(which has been re-homed by the way) he was a chick at about 5 weeks old, and I was able to sex him then, but I made a mistake and thought he was a girl. Now I know what mistake I made I am pretty sure I can sex the chick at 5 weeks now. But yes, they don’t have red combs or anything until quite a lot later if it is a rooster. So it can be difficult To sex them🤞🏻😬
  8. I know!🥺 I will send an update when she has grown a bit bigger and I can tell for sure whether or not it is a female☺️
  9. Well I was expecting more but a few were not fertile at all and I have two in the incubator at the moment but i don’t think they will hatch unfortunately. But I am all prepared if the chick is alone as a man down the road is hatching some Silkie chicks and if he has any available I will get one to pair with my chick.
  10. I know! It’s hilarious, she was so sleepy 🤣 she has certainly fluffed up a lot and is eating and drinking well in the DIY brooder!
  11. Thank you!!! @SeramaSilly she is bearded Silkie☺️ Slightly more fluffy now!
  12. @Cat tails I know! Crazy hair day much 🤣
  13. Hi Everyone, to those people who were keeping up with the Candling day 17 thread. Today I successfully hatched a chick. Her name is Hyacinth and she is very cute! I am assuming it’s a girl but obviously I will change the name if it’s a roo!
  14. thank you, I will give this a read!

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