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  1. I meant because of the severity of Avian Bird Flu, 7 to me is a lot. But I certainly understand what you mean and yes information can be miss understood as I can’t see an article that says the exact amount. That is interesting about mainland migration routes!
  2. Yes I have heard of this too, Lots of Russian people have come down with it. However, I am not too surprised that Russia is the first because they are one of the top 10 countries in the world for keeping chickens, breeding them and for commercial reasons too.
  3. Oh well that is annoying! I was looking for some indication about the Avian flu being lifted in April and came across this article so I’m sorry if I got peoples hopes up. Hopefully the gov will publish something soon. I certainly wasn’t going to let my chickens out before I was 100% certain.
  4. Yes I couldn’t see anything else but i thought I would share that just to keep everyone’s hopes up x
  5. Interesting! I now know why my girls have decided to make an absolute mess every time I give them a fresh feeder. I will definitely get some bantam pellets that are a little bit smaller! thank you for everyone’s advice ☺️
  6. No problem, I think we all need to be updated regularly as well as our chicken children because I think everyone is getting a bit fed up 😂 I think you will just have to search if your area is high risk or if you are signed with the government to keep track, they would have informed you or will inform you if you are in a high risk area. I’m thinking that the high risk areas will be in places where chicken rearing and keeping is very popular (country rather than city) although I could be wrong.
  7. Hi Everyone, I thought I would share some information I came across on Vet Times about them adopting a more targeted approach starting February 28th. If you have a read you might find some useful info☺️ https://www.vettimes.co.uk/news/avian-flu-restrictions-to-be-eased-at-end-of-february/ Regarding the Avian Flu of course ☺️
  8. Ahh that is interesting, thank you for the advice! I will buy the smaller omelet feeder in a few days and let them get used to their pellets and then add small amounts of corn to their separate feeder. And yes they do make a mess and dig for corn! Mine are bantams so I will look into that feed!
  9. Hi Everyone, So my chickens have decided that they only want to eat corn. I give them a daily mix and fill their feeder with oyster shell grit which I grind up so they actually eat it because otherwise it is too big, and a little bit of corn because usually I would give them corn in the morning if they were free ranging but because they are not, I mix it in with the pellets and grit. I give more pellets than anything else because that is what it advices you to do. my chickens have decided to completely avoid their pellets and only eat the corn and so I thought I would grind the pellets a bit more to make them smaller but still they want to eat corn. I have taken corn away today but they still seem to not eat a lot of the pellets, and pick at them every so often which is not what they used to do. does anyone have any advice?
  10. Hi So sometimes a watery egg yolk can be down to genetics. Simply, it is very annoying but sometimes it is just due to genes the hen has inherited. Some genes mean the yolk is bigger or the egg white is more watery. This could be the situation in your case although what everyone else has mentioned seems to be possible reasons also. Age, storage of eggs etc.
  11. I would definitely get another single hen. I had a very similar situation and decided to get one hen alone because my other hen had lost her sisters to a fox. They get on marvellously. I put them together at night to start because that would make them want to snuggle together because of the cold and then eased it in from there. I definitely recommend not leaving her as an alone hen because they want to be part of a flock. So get one hen and put it with your current hen and then get another hen a few weeks later from the same breeder. Good luck 🙂
  12. That sounds like a wonderful idea, thank you! It can also give people a bit more time to get creating! 🥳
  13. Okay I will give that a read. I think the next time will be slightly more successful and I will definitely post some photos of the chicks for people to see!☺️
  14. Yes definitely. I am currently reading a book about hatching and breeding chicks. So hopefully the next batch are successful.
  15. That’s all okay! I will definitely be up for Christmas swap! ☺️
  16. Hi Everyone. So I have just undergone an eggtopsy. It was probably the most disgusting thing I have ever done but I think I know what went wrong. Out of the two eggs one wasn’t even a fully formed chick, it was a very small embryo which I think died around day 8/9. The second one was a fully formed chick although it’s sac wasn’t fully absorbed and looked almost ruptured because lots of brown gunk was coming from it, it’s skull was also soft so I think this little guy died day 16. I don’t know why it would have died, maybe from humidity changes or delayed growth because of my incubator swap at the start. Unfortunately I don’t have photos because I just thought it wasn’t a sight I ought to remember. I am due to order a batch of chicks on March 1st. I also noticed that the chick wasn’t in the right position for hatch. It’s beak hadn’t broken through the membrane, and it was curled under the head.
  17. Count me in! I can’t wait ☺️ Sounds super fun and I can use my creative side to make a lovely gift. @Luvachickenshall I DM you soon with my address?
  18. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if there was any more information on this? what do people make? how do you get the peoples addresses? budget? ☺️
  19. Yes I think I might just have to do an eggtopsy unfortunately. But I think I know for next time how to do it right. I won’t be swapping incubators or adjusting temps, so it should all be okay. Thanks for everyone’s help and interest, it is really appreciated! ☺️
  20. Wow the exotics vet was expensive! I paid £150. I’m so sorry about your bantam 😓. How odd, I would still check it out because I would hate to hear that she has died. I don’t think a supplement of AVC is going to be much. Maybe £30 for a course? May be wrong because I have never had it before but to her supplements cost around that. Good luck, I hope you sort it all out ☺️
  21. Still no sign of pipping or chirping! I think this time is a no go unfortunately. I think I am going to put a new batch in on March 5th so they are spring chicks. Thank you for everyone’s advice. I’m still going to leave them in for a day or two just incase.
  22. Hi, so my hybrid hen had exactly the same thing and her crop felt squishy but she actually had so much in there. We took her to the vets and she had an operation and is all fine now. It definitely sounds like an infected crop (or whatever it is called) when they can’t digest food properly. You should call for an emergency appointment because if I had left my hen any longer without an op then she would have died. The op isn’t really expensive, of course it costs a lot but in comparison to other animals it was reasonable.
  23. Nope, annoyingly not. Tomorrow is day 23 so hopefully tomorrow is the day, I can’t hear chirping anymore from either eggs, maybe I was just imagining it 😂 but I have a feeling these guys won’t hatch. I will wait it out until Friday/ Saturday.

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