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  1. Ach no - they both go broody at the drop of a hat. I don't mind, it's just that if one goes broody, the other gets bored on her own and goes to join the broody out of need for company. For the short time we had Coco and Chanel (Chico and Carl as it turns out ), we noticed that the non-broody stayed down out of the coop and pottered about with the other two. So, my theory - I like the look of Goldtops and by choosing two of those, I could get the broody balance I'm after!
  2. So, I rang the farm this morning. They were brilliant! We all had a jolly good laugh about it and then I took the 'boys' back. The farmer gave me my money back - no quibble, no recriminations - all very positive. I put the £20 straight in to the donations box (it's a charity farm/visitor farm type place). The boys will, in a couple of days, have the run of the place, with lots of other chickens, cockerels and animals to make friends with. Meanwhile, two lonesome looking Silkies here, wondering what the 'ell happened to their two muckers! Need to think through my next step quite carefully now. Two Silkies are a broody nightmare - think I''ll look for two more or a couple of Goldtops to make up the deficit. Thank you to all of you for your supportive posts.
  3. Right - so fairly unanimous then Back to the farm for Coco & Chanel.....now known as Chico & Carl My two little Silkies must be hard as nails then because they boss those two big Sussex around like "Ooops, word censored!"ody's business! JulieC - I know what you mean about expressions you've not heard for ages.....Someone recently said "Soz" to me instead of "Sorry" - dunno why but it took me right back to my yoof!
  4. Is it????? Oh hell in a hand basket - kid's are gonna be gutted! When do they start cock-a-doodling? At the moment, they (or at least one of them) sounds like a 30 a day smoker hacking up before breakfast!
  5. I've just taken some Jam. Hang on a minute whilst I try and upload....
  6. Oh man, please help me tell the difference! Bought two Light Sussex POL's a few weeks back. Now, they are massive and I mean MAHOOSIVE! Wattles and combs seem much larger than I expected and tail feathers are bushy and long! No cockadoodledooing yet but is it only a matter of time? Any other means of establishing sex? HHHHHHHHEEEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPPP! Neighbours will go fruit de loop if they start shouting!
  7. You need to darken the run. My best advice is to use thick, black tapaulins and cover the Eglu plus the run. My tarps are bungee-roped on to the sides of my WIR (It has a black roof already). I just roll them up like blinds each morning when it's time to get up. Believe me - I tried EVERYTHING else and the tarps are the only thing that have worked! Do a search on these boards - every year, about this time, a raft of threads like this appear, as the early mornings start the chooks off! Also - any new chickens....don't let them free range from day one. Get the chickens used to the idea that some days, they don't get to FR. They're shouting to be let out because they are EXPECTING to be let out. You've got to be steely hard about this - some days are run days....that way, they lose that sense of teenage-like entitlement!
  8. Most pure bred birds arent vaccinated, its not cruel or neglectful not to vaccinate, most professional 'people who breed pure breeds dont even do it as vaccinations come in huge quantities and are practically and financially out of reach for the home breeder SEE!!!! That's why I don't hatch/breed! Clueless.......as are many of these folk who throw a second hand inccy into their back bedrooms and breed for a quick buck!
  9. Lordy - that looks like the Chicken Hilton!!!! Man, I cannot wait to see the finished product. It's going to be fabulous!
  10. And another thing...... I worry about the number of 'breeders', hatching chickens with an idea to selling them but having no real breeding experience or hatching experience for that matter. I'm not talking about those of us just getting started with hatching and trying to do everything properly. I'm talking about people who buy eggs off ebay, with no idea, no research, no proper facilities, no forward plan for vaccinations, worming yada yada. Just pushing ill and weak birds out onto the market place. Who regulates these people? Same for kittens and puppies.
  11. Agree. When Pets at Home are flogging chickens, you just KNOW that hundreds of them will be slung out on their wattles within months.
  12. Well I've given birth twice, breast fed both children and I walk with a slight sway in the hips.....maybe the mental-pause is kicking in early, I've produced excess testosterone and am now thinking and sounding like a man!
  13. Yes, I worked that out as a 5.7 square meter run. No more would be my answer also.

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