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  1. Hi there! I'm a regular lurker but infrequent poster and wonder if anyone has any advice or thoughts on this. I have three chooks, two are almost 3 years old, and one is 2 years old. One of my older girls Doris appears to have totally blocked nostrils. They look to be blocked with dried mash or something. She doesn't seem bothered by it at all and is feeding well. She isn't laying at the moment as she's just had a moult but I'm concerned about the nostrils. My other two seem OK. I generally feed them pellets and mixed corn, as well as the usual greens and treats. I tried to poke one of her nostrils with a cocktail stick but she really didn't like this so Istopped as it was stressing her. She is a very friendly hen and loves being cuddled so would be quite tolerant of any treatments I think. Any ideas? Does she need treating, and if so how? Any advice would be really appreciated. She is my favourite too (but don't tell Dora and Banjo that!). Kris
  2. Thank you all for your words of wisdom! My chooks get the occasional bit of fish if we have some left over, but for some reason I thought there was a ban or something on feeding them red meat? I passed by again today and saw some very full looking chickens and the carcas is just bones! Thanks again!
  3. Hi there, I'm a regular lurker and mummy to three lovely chooks. My question is, on my drive to work I have noticed a kind of smallholding with about 6-10 chooks freeranging on the front grassed area. Yesterday I saw the chap put on the lawn what looked like an animal carcas (just bones and meat). I couldn't believe my eyes. So, I checked today when I drove by (slowly!) and yes, the chickens were eating what looked to be pig or lamb bones with red meat on, like a skinned and gutted carcas which you would see hanging up in a butcher's window. I'm sure I've read on here, or somewhere, that chickens shouldn't eat meat, but I can't remember the reason why? Is it simply because it is not good for them, in which case I should maybe just keep my nose out. Or is it more sinister, like introducing bad stuff into the food chain? On the one hand, this chap I suppose can feed what he likes to his chickens, but on the other hand I worry in case this is discouraged because of animal diseases getting into the food chain or something?? I don't know what to do, if anything? I know someone on here will know the answer. In the meantime, I will just have to drive past these poor chooks pecking away on a carcass every day Thanks, Kris
  4. I left the bars in put filled it up with hemcore and within a few days of our chick hatching he was fine on the bars anyway! Best of luck and fingers crossed for girls for you!
  5. FINISHED!!!!! Well, a bit of tidying up needs doing, but the run is now finished. I did the cementing yesterday under the paving blocks and once it is properly dry I will fill the edges with soil and grass seed. I even used the mud I dug for the pavers to level what was the lawn and put grass seed down. Here are the pics taken about 10 minutes ago (please ignore the green canes and string to protect my grass seed from pesky birds!): Do you love how they are all posing inside on the first pic?! I took the picture with the sun in my eyes, so didn't really notice where the chooks are until I uploaded it to photobucket!!! Hope you like! Kris PS Olly, unfortunately I can't open the window into the run cos of the roof - doh!
  6. Hallo all again! I am today going to hopefully FINISH my WIN - it's a lovely warm day, the kids are at school and I have a rare day off. I need to get mixing cement and laying the block pavers properly, and block the triangles where the roof meets the frame to stop Mr Fox coming. I've never done cement before, so I hope I do it right! Palmer07 - any tips on cement? I love your pictures of beautifully laid paving slabs - it gives me hope that I might be able to do it too! Great holes too! (you couldn't say that everywhere could you??!! ) Olly - my run is about 3.5m x 1.8m, plus there is a thin strip behind the shed which they love scratching about in too which is a total of about 1.5 square metres - so about 7.5 square metres in total - lucky chooks! All I need now is to convince hubby that we NEED a couple more chickens!!! Also, I am not kidding here, I hadn't realized that I could open the window into the run! . I have garden chairs etc against the wall inside our shed but I am now going to move them and move the 'chicken feeding area' (on top of our summer beer fridge!) to that area so that I can utilise the window to throw their treats in. Thank you so much for the idea!!! See, this thread isn't ramblings - it really is bouncing ideas off each other! Kris
  7. That's where mine are from! The panels are excellent, really good quality. The delivery is free too and the customer service excellent - the 'about us' bit of their website makes good reading. Right, off to bed!
  8. I am also a Michal Jackson fan (please don't shoot me down in flames!). I doubt very much if I would be successful in buying tickets as they will be like gold dust. I went to see him live at Roundhay Park in Leeds years ago, probably in the early 90's? I was right at the front (only one small person in front of me) and he looked weird then, but he was absolutely fantastic. It was a magical concert and the music which I loved anyway came alive - he really did put on an excellent show. I am glad I saw him then, in his prime, and have great memories of the fabulous concert. That said, I am still undecided if he is innocent or guilty of the stuff he's been accused of. I can only hope that as he has been acquitted at court that he is innocent of the allegations. It will not stop me liking his music, but I wouldn't have him as a babysitter for my children!! I always said I would go and see him again with an old schoolfriend who I went to see the concert years ago with. Unfortunately that friend died last year and it would be a bit of a wrench to go without him . Hmm, I think I will try to get tickets and see how lucky I am! Kris
  9. hmm, see what you mean - is that any better? I will try to get it bigger, hang on ........... Howzatt??
  10. At last I have my roof on the WIR, I have painted it, and I have levelled off the mud along the side and placed some block pavers where they are going to go. They still need cementing in, which is a job for Tuesday, weather permitting (I'm working tomorrow) and then it's all done! I will return with better pics, but here's one hurriedly taken this evening in the dark! You can't see the roof very well, it's corrugated plastic and is sloped from the fence downwards. I intend to put some guttering along it at some point, but haven't worked out where the guttering will actually lead to yet! I also need to fill the triangular gap where the roof meets the panels just in case a cunning fox somehow finds his way into the little hole there - I'm thinking maybe a bit of chicken wire or something? I've put a straw bale, hemcore and some branches in there for my three lucky chooks, but haven't yet given them any toys like hanging CD's etc. I hope you all like it! Kris
  11. ANH what a BEAUTIFUL lawn! Definitely not the lawn of a chicken keeper!! I always think it's funny that everyone who posts a pic on here has 'evidence' of chicken keeping in the distinct lack of luscious lawn! My WIR is all finished now with a roof and everything. I've been working the last two days but did get the girls moved in yesterday once the hemcore arrived. As soon as I started to put the hemcore in (I've never used it before) Doris went bonkers and kept laying on her back in it, dust bathing like crazy with her eyes shut - she was truly in chicken ecstasy! I even wondered if it was the cannabis effect from the hemp in it LOL! She was bonkers! Anyway, I made a ladder from a strip of laminate flooring I found in the shed, and used my old wooden roosting bars to make rungs for them (laminate flooring is a bit slippery for their little claws!). If the weather is OK tomorrow I will try and paint the run and then get some pics on here. The wood is stained in a reddish colour though, so I don't know if it will pick up the lovely blue/green coloured woodstain I've got? Then it's a case of digging over the horrible compacted mud which used to be my lawn and raking it over in readiness for grass seeding again. I'm considering putting some kind of pavers or pebbles or something down near to the run in the heavy-use area of the grass where the kids will be in and out to see the chooks. Hmm, I will sleep on that idea I think. Night night, and I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with pics of my finished run, roof and all! Kris
  12. I'm in the process of building my own and got my panels from 'Happy Hutch' who are based in Hull. The delivery is FREEEEE! Have a look at their website http://www.happyhutch.co.uk - I'm happy with the quality of their stuff. Here's a link to my progress report post today: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=38922&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=465 Kris
  13. LOL! I am a bit like that I'm afraid. You remember those decorating programmes where they decorate a room in an hour, or something ridiculous - hmm, right up my alley that idea! It once took me two years to tile a very small bathroom and it stressed me out so much that I decided to never dither again. I've kind of gone the opposite way though and will not rest until it is done! I'm still trying to decide whether to paint it or not. I have a tiny (tester) tin of Cuprinol in a lovely pale blue/green shade but I don't know what it will look like as the wood has been dipped in a reddish colour. hmm, decisions decisions.....
  14. OK so how do I get the ENORMOUS pictures smaller? I have edited them in photobucket the same as I did the first two, to make them 'medium' yet they still come out HUUUUGGGEEE! Help!
  15. Loved your diagrams etc ANH - brilliant! I didn't spot the deliberate mistake I'm afraid. Well, I've had a very busy day and ALMOST am the proud owner of a walk in run! I spent the afternoon making a table for the eglu to go on using a 90 x 90 cm decking square from B&Q (£14.98) and some fence posts. It wasn't as simple as I'd thought and I had to strengthen the legs from wobbling all over the place using other bits of wood I had in the shed. It's lovely now though. I managed to get a straw bale locally for £2.50 and put a few branches I was going to take to the tip in. I've ordered a bag of hemcore which arrives tomorrow. Then, just after the school run the lovely chap from Happy Hutch arrived with my panels which are beautiful! I propped them up to check they fitted and when hubby got home we set about screwing them together. It only took about an hour and we almost have a walk in run! Whilst I was feeding the kids he added some battons on the top which will support the corrugated plastic roofing . You see what you lot have done to me! One minute I am off work with a whiplash injury, the next I am reading this thread about walk-in runs, and within days I have made one! Anyway, as promised, here are some progress pictures so far (if it works....): This is how my Eglu and attached run looked before, with the kids' playhouse in the corner to the right: This is how it looked once I'd moved the Eglu and playhouse: This is with the bamboo edging (to stop chooks kicking hemcore everywhere!) and decking planks laid out for measuring: Clever old me - cutting those beautiful mitres! The panels are up!!!! Shall I leave them in there?........... Roof battens which will hold the corrugated roof up. Notice also that I've put the door on with the large panel at the botom as we're going to step over the bamboo edging to get in/out anyway: Present from the chooks - our first ever 3-egg day when they have all done us an egg. Clever girls!! Unless this hasn't worked, I hope you like the pictures. I am really happy with the panels and can't believe how reasonably priced it has all been. The whole lot, including wood for the table, straw bale, hemcore as well as the panels and roofing has been £200. I'll no doubt be back tomorrow when I've put the roof on and moved the chooks in! Kris

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