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  1. Hi all. Any advice greatly appreciated. Got 12 one week old chicks 4 weeks ago. One died, 10 thriving and we noticed that one was not growing - at all. She is the same size as when we got her. She was being overrun by the others and spent all of her time trying to find the energy to stand. On week 3 we decided to bring her indoors alone and treat her; electrolytes, yoghurt and some TLC. She regained her strength and is eating constantly. It’s been a week but she still has not grown in size. She’s still quiet and weak but markedly better. My concern is what to do with her now. She is in a makeshift spot in our study - her flock have completely outgrown her and she’s now been away from them for a week. She’s not strong enough (yet) to hold her own. Would you keep treating in isolation and reintroduce later if she makes it? Will they accept her with her being away for so long!? Any thoughts on why she isn’t growing would be interesting too. My gut is that it’s a genetic or digestive issue. We keep thinking she will pass away any day now but everyday she keeps fighting, which is really making us fall for her 🙏

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