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  1. I’ve sprayed them all and ordered a bumpa bit. Thank you!
  2. I’ve been watching them very carefully today and it seems that it’s all the work of one very pecky hen that’s got a taste for feathers! I’ve sprayed them all with anti peck spray and will see if that dissuades her. She’s one of the more boisterous of the group and it’s definitely not aggressive, she just seems to like the taste of white fluffy feathers!!!
  3. I was asking more if people had experienced anything similar. It is without doubt the dust bath that started it.
  4. The bath is just top soil. Nothing abrasive in there. It’s definitely as a result of them pecking each other’s feathers after they bathe. They’ve never done it before and only started once they had the bath in the run. They are regularly checked over so I know this is recent. One of the hens has no feather loss but she doesn’t really go in the bath. There has to be a link!
  5. No that’s not it. Same perch they’ve always had. As I said, this is definitely something happening with the dust bath!
  6. I don’t think so. They spend a lot of time in there and today I did observe one of them pecking the other, but there was absolutely no aggression! The feathers on that area of them are very downy and seem to come loose when they bathe. This then seems to encourage pecking behaviour. I just need to find a way to let them still dust bath but stop the feather pecking! Hopefully anti peck spray will do the job and then the feathers will regrow. This is the first time they’ve had access to a proper dust bath area as I made them a much bigger run as a result of the restrictions on letting them out. They are such happy chickens and so this has got me stumped!
  7. I’ve checked for mites and lice and coop is cleaned every week with mite dust and spray. Definitely only started when I introduced the dust bath. It’s got to be connected to that in some way, I just don’t know how!
  8. Definitely not broody and no other signs of moult.,,
  9. I have five of the most chilled out chickens ever. They are hugely friendly, lay every day and are super energetic. They have a large covered run and a few weeks ago I added an old tyre, filled it with dirt and created a dust bath. They are in it ALL the time. They roll around like crazy and have a great time. Today I noticed that they now all have a bald patch on their underside. I watched them for a while and after they get out of the bath they peck at each other on this area and seem to remove the feathers. There’s no aggression, no wounds and they are all absolutely fine other than a bald patch!!! Any advice? Should I get rid of the bath? Anti peck spray? Let them crack on? Help!!!
  10. That would be great! Thank you!
  11. We have a 2m x 3m walk in with a thick layer of wood chip on the floor for our 5 hens. What would you recommend to use on the ground as a disinfectant and how often would you use it?
  12. We have just ordered a walk in run for our five hens. Currently we have wood chip on the floor of their run but it gets a bit muddy. The area we are going to move them to is currently a thick layer of pea gravel on top of weed control fabric. I was thinking of making the pea gravel layer a bit thinner (2-3 inches) and then putting a layer of wood chip on the top for them. We will also have a cover on the new run which we don’t now. What do you guys think?

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