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  1. Thanks to whoever sent me these lovely decorations! I shall eagerly await Christmas and pop them on the tree. Yummy chocolates too and a sweet blue tit card. Everybody’s gifts look super. Thanks to @Luvachickenfor organising.
  2. 1. Cats or dogs (chickens is self explanatory... ) - 3 cats, 2 dogs 2. Favourite colour / colours - blues and greens. Colours you really don't like - red 3. Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn - Autumn 4. Seaside or mountains - seaside 5. Favourite past time? - sewing 6. Party of the year or at home with a cup of tea? - at home with a glass of gin! 7. Your ideal holiday? - dog walking and cycling 8. Allergies? - peanuts
  3. Hello, I wonder if anyone can help. Having had my classic nine years now I had always washed it by hand. Last year I borrowed a pressure washer to clean the patio and decided to give the eglu a go. It came up super clean but unfortunately water seems to have got into the pink shell. I can only think through a small hole on the internal 'ceiling'. It not sloshes about when I move it and I have noticed is making the house damp where it must be condensing. The only thing I can think of to get rid of it is to drill a tiny hole near the base of the shell and let it gradually drip out. Has anyone else experienced this or got any suggestions. I have made a note to self to plug the hole with blu tac before I next power wash it! Thanks in advance, Ellie
  4. Count me in for something summery!
  5. Hello, We're fairly new here although have had our Eglu classic nine years. We also have a nine year old bantam and three who are nearly two years old. We would love to join in the swap please. We live in Dorset, UK. I post abroad a lot and would suggest if people have an overseas swap partner they definitely need to tick 'gift' on the customs label so the recipient doesn't end up paying to receive it! I sew but am wondering what sort of things people send. Look forward to hearing from you, Ellie
  6. I am looking for a grub feeder in blue. Does anyone have one they would like to sell please?

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