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  1. My son has an impacted eye tooth and today we were referred to our local hospital and can expect a three month wait for a consultation. Anyone got any experience of what he can expect? I've researched a bit but it would be nice to hear from someone with first hand knowledge.
  2. Our 2 girls are not aggressive but do peck really hard. When it was hot last week they saw my legs out of trousers and wellies for the first time and it was open season on visable flesh!I had also got a BIG blister on my heal and Ivy has twice scored a direct hit making it bleed
  3. Our gingernut ranger layed her first egg 3 weeks after she arrived and then about a week later our miss pepperpot joined in. They were a bit irregular for the first week but since then they have laid every day bar 2 when mavis took a rest!. That first egg is well worth waiting for though!
  4. Thanks Liz, this egg is about 100g so 4mins sounds good. Thats tomorrows breakfast sorted.
  5. Mavis has once again laid a whopper I'd like to boil this one and have eggy soldiers, how long shall I boil it for a nice runny inside?
  6. The weather's been fantastic here in Essex;no complaints.The sun is doing wonders for my veg patch and at last i don't need wellies to wade though the mud to see to the girls,just a couple of weeks ago I was beginning to think it would never stop raining.I hope this is the start of things to come.
  7. Had a terrible day at work capped off by one of my patients (in the middle of a consultation) saying "I've got to tell you this...Your glasses are really annoying me,the nose bridge is not even,its slightly over to one side.!!He then proceeded to show me where while I was still wearing them.He said he had a "thing" about straight lines.Honestly there is nothing wrong with them but even if there was,would any of us really say that to a stranger. It beats me that people think they can say anything to what they percieve as a Public servant.Of course I had to be terribly polite and laugh it off and have since thought of a hundred retorts;none of which I would be able to say without getting the sack. I may have been a nurse for 30 years but people surprize me every day. Just to be on the safe side I'll just check the mirror again...!
  8. Same here. It was like a free for all in my veg patch last year.And it was such a good argument for getting chickens that I'm having to keep this little chicken quirk to myself!
  9. Had a look at the oposition.Marks and Spencers Very large Eggs, sold, I might add for over £2 a half dozen and thought (out loud to anyone passing)..my eggs are bigger than those!!
  10. eat slugs!!! Both my girls turn their noses up at my slug offerings.I had hoped they would be the first line of defence,in my organic war on the slimey little critters but no. What is it with slugs that they seem indistructable.Mind you I suppose you wouldn't give them a sideways glance if corn on the cob was also on the menu.Back to the drawing board.
  11. Good luck for tomorrow. You must be very excited. Your plan sounds great;those chooks don't realize salvation is in sight for them,hope its sunny tomorrow so they can feel the warmth on their backs.
  12. Did you have a peek though the egg port to see them? Our two girls snuggle up real close...ah.
  13. The chap from omlet advised me not to put food in for the first hour so that they could get used to their surroundings and that when it started to get dark they would take themselves off to bed.I followed the instructions and they investigated the eglu at their own pace and then when I did put the food in they ate a hearty tea and went to bed as good as gold.Chickens know to roost when it gets dark so you shouldn't have a problem.As for getting wet we have the winter cover over which keeps them very dry but I have noticed that in really bad weather they sit in the Eglu.When they are free rangeing they don't seem to mind getting wet or they would go back in doors. You will find they are incredably quick learners. Enjoy your new girls.

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