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  1. Thanks for the info, she is a English bred hen, she seems to be getting about well and I'm putting it down to the extra bulk because it's so cold. I've been watching her today and she doesn't struggle at all moving about and is very agile. I need to just chill out but I can't help myself hahaha 🤣
  2. Thanks @rachel84 they have a large indoor run and a side run but as it's so cold they aren't really tempted to explore - It's -4 this morning I did have multiple height perches but they never do, I've popped in a hay bale to destroy as today activity and keep them warm. I have looked online and there's a lot of conflicting weights of what she should be as standard. I will remove the scratch and change it to greens and fruits and see what she weighs in 2 weeks. Thank you.
  3. I did a lot of research into it & found a mix of the two, with extra 'free grazing' calcium, was better for chickens overall. Optimal protein & calcium as layers generally has lower than adequate protein available in them. However, in the spring I am likely to review it as they will all be established layers & two of the girls will be fully over their juvenile moults. yes I will, I'm just so shocked how much she weighs. How do they exercise when confined?
  4. You will need to no doubt help them to bed for the first few days, keep food & water close by & leave them explore. Don't be surprised if the pick a 'safe' spot & stay there for a few hours/days until they build up their confidence to explore. Keep any intrusions to a minimum but talk to them softly & often as chickens will identify your voice very quickly. Baby or soothing tones to help. I talk to mine like babies & found it was a good voice to quickly train them. You need them to associate their new surroundings with safety first & foremost. As exciting as it is for family members to meet your new girls, overcrowding & over stimulation can scare them. hope that helps x
  5. Since the chicken lockdown I've noticed my BC Marans weight it starting to rise. She is stunning, such a beautiful girl who unfortunately is very close to 4kg. She has junk in her trunk! Before lockdown, they were free range; had a large garden to venture & had handful of treats late afternoon. However, now they are confined with a smaller recreational space & small handful of scratch, she is gaining weight whilst the others have kept relatively the same. I worry about obesity and her hitting ill health. At the moment she is the picture of health but a chunky chook! They have free access to layer & growers mix, grit & oyster shell. How do I put her on diet & is it suitable to do in the very cold weather? Is she gaining winter/lockdown pounds (like most of us) & it should shift in the warmer weather? how can I add exercise to their day? Lots of questions, I'm sorry. I've just lost her sister & I'm overly paranoid at the moment about my babies, as today she laid a soft shelled egg and is still new to laying, she's only laid 5 eggs so far (she came into lay in January). Thank You
  6. My sweet Esme, went to chicken heaven today. We couldn't stand by anymore and watch her decline, we took her to the vets & she will be cremated and scattered at the cemetery ❤️ RIP Esme
  7. @Beantree thank you for the advice, the BHWT doesn't tell you that in the small print 🤣 tbh, I've read many a success story but will keep researching. Thank you
  8. Thank you @Daphne we are interested in rescuing some ex battery hens but if we aren't accepted on the next rescue, then we will certainly been looking at some breeders. Thanks for all your support x
  9. I very sorry to hear that, I completely sympathise with you ❤️
  10. She is and is such a spectacular girl. Her colouring is beautiful and it is such a shame to loose her.
  11. I have just order Stalosan F from Flyte's of Fancy, it is arriving today. I have read so many recommendations and this seems to be the one to use. I also have woodchips on slabs and I have read that every 3/4 months as a preventative seems to be the best method with regular poo picking. Giving it all a good raking & 1handful scattered per sqm is the recommend way. I can let you know how I get on if you wish?
  12. So my broody hen all broken, luckily the freezing weather was on my side and I was able to quickly calm her hormones and get her out of the brood. she got quite aggressive and tried biting me when I was trying to move her, so I opened the lid to the coop and the nesting boxes and flooded it with cold air and light. She was very disgruntled, but after an hour of the cold rushing around her and the constant light she left the coop for food and water and decided not to go back. She continued to make the clucking noise all weekend but hasn't been back into the nest and is a much calmer girl. Problem 1 solved. Problem 2 - sick note as my husband calls her 😢, is currently living in the greenhouse. She is not eating when in the run and staying away from everyone else. She is eating when in there, albeit little and often, and drinking. She is on day 2 of amoxicillin and perks up around mid afternoon time. She has mash and yoghurt for food and vitamin water to drink. This is the last ditch attempt, if no improvement by Wednesday, then she is going to the vet for euthanasia. Poor girl is heavy breathing and looks miserable. At least in our hearts, we know we have tried everything for her ❤️
  13. Thank you so much, it means a lot. I am based in north Manchester. Esme who is at death door (again) was the thriver for a long time and she dips & then perks and it's so upsetting to see her decline. I've had to force feed her today and honestly, considering euthanising at a vets because I don't have the heart to do it myself. Problem is, my vets only do cats and dogs. She never laid and is 38 weeks so my guess is reproductive issues. Anyone kno of any vets north Manchester way that could help me? Thank you again x
  14. Yes I have 3 others laying. She has favourite spot where she lays, so I will lock her out of the box and see if it works. If not I will have to invest in a cage like above. Thanks

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