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  1. Thank you Cat tails! Feeling calmer about the situation now I have a plan - really appreciate your help!
  2. Thank you Cat tails! That’s really helpful. Watched the clip and I think the little clips are probably my only option now. Is there anything I can put on Clucky’s skin to help her to heal whilst she’s wearing her clip? And anything I can feed that would promote new feather growth. Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it.
  3. Hi everyone, this is my first time posting. I’ve an ongoing issue with my hens and am desperate to get it resolved. I have 3 hybrid hens bought in March 2020. One of them (Clucky) started to lose feathers from her chest in about August. We found a few (literally 3!) red mites in the house which we treated and treated and treated... the feather plucking continued. We took Clucky to the vets in Dec and they checked for lice (took a skin sample) and sold us a spot on just in case. Results for lice came back clear and we’ve checked the house in the dark, regularly disinfected etc so I’m sure it’s not a lice issue. Clucky now looks bright red and sore - the pecked area stretches down from her chin right underneath her. The other hens have some baldness and redness too but they’re not as bad. I’ve seen them pluck themselves (not much though), pretty sure they’re not plucking each other! I’ve been trying to enhance their environment for them - they’ve a sheltered area, greens hanging up regularly, branches to perch on etc. We’re now spraying each bird with Johnson’s Anti Peck.... but I’m getting desperate. I think this has now become a habit. What is a Bumper bit? Would this help? Any suggestions? Many thanks for reading.

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