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  1. I forgot to add that twenty minutes after Zelda laid her daily egg, Karen applied what she had learned from her view of Zelda, and laid her very first egg
  2. Nope. Karen was surprisingly considerate in that regard 🤣
  3. ...we would never know about bizarre behavior like this! Zelda, on the bottom was the first of our ladies to lay. Karen, on top hadn’t ever laid until today, when she decided to sit on Zelda’s head through the entire laying process 🤣
  4. I'm in the US, so just keep that in mind. The cameras are from a company called Wyze, available there or on Amazon. The incredible thing is that they cost $19.99 each right now (and even when not on sale they're <$25) and they work brilliantly, with a particularly good mobile app. They have a more expensive version that has a battery, but I prefer the wired ones, since we already have power run to the coop. The cameras have night vision (see my first three images) as well as motion detection with zones and schedules and all kinds of bells and whistles. Stick a cheap memory card in them and you can record many hours of video to replay - we use this to see which chickens have started laying, but detecting daytime motion in the nest box. See I'm a total nerd. Hope this helps.
  5. That’s awesome. I’m just blown away by the quality and capabilities of these $25 cameras. Soon enough my entire garden will be a surveillance state too 😂
  6. I’m sure I’m not the only person who surveils their chickens! Right now we have three Wyze Cams in our Cube, one in the nest box, one in the roost and one looking down the run. They are such fun! We have been able to see each of our girls lay their very first eggs! Show us your ChickenCams!

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