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  1. That’s very helpful thank you everyone. Everyone seems to do it so differently! I’m just looking for a system where I can keep the run floor mix for about a year with some maintenance once a month or so. I do have clay and their walk in run is going on the woodchip path we have already planned and purchased so I will have a big rethink! Thank you again. So much to learn! The Wyandotte is Ava she is so precious and so pretty I’m super in love!
  2. Hello I’m new and have ordered woodchips I’d like to do the deep litter method so will make the run a roof to keep it dry and will have 7cm of woodchips what what else do I need to do other than top it up every now and again? Could I ask why so many people say to put it on slabs? I thought with deep litter it should be on soil so all the worms and good bacteria can come up and break it all down into compost? I’m so confused and about to build it so would be good to know now! Thank you!
  3. Thank you everyone I apologise I see I put this question in the wrong place, I am figuring out how to use the forum I also didn’t get notifications I had replies! It’s an eglu go up.. I will try the perches thank you. They are all 14 weeks old so yes young and figuring it all out but I keep finding them huddled in the rain going to bed! Since I’ve posted the new black silkie has put herself away which last night for the first time promoted the Pekins and the Wyandotte to also go to bed which was not easy they all banged and crashed around with a few attempts before they got it right lol but the other two silkies just sat in the rain! I’m having so many issues trying to keep the go up coop dry I’ll look through the other threads and see what I can find to help. I put plastic roofing sheets on the top but it’s still all coming in the sides I’m now really regretting not getting the cube I think as the run sides don’t look anywhere near as sloped! Thank you for all your help
  4. Hello! I’m brand new! 2 Pekins 3 Silkies and 1 Wyandotte. I got them last weekend and none of them will go to bed! I have to pick them up every evening out of the run and put them by. They come out in the morning just fine. I have tried the light in the coop what else can i do please.. I am quite sure this has been asked a million times apologies in advance!

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