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  1. Whereabouts are you ? I'm interested if near enough to Bristol
  2. I think Dippy thinks she's a parrot 🦜
  3. Aww they are so cute 😍 a friend of mine suggested keeping them in a cheap travel cot ... I'm going to give it a try as the sawdust everywhere is driving me bonkers too with mine 🤣
  4. They seem to love the mirror, they don't seem stressed at all by them, some of the chickens just ignore them but the biggest of my bluebells loves it . The chicks love to peck the bells it's really funny to watch them 😂 The chick's love the bells 🔔 thinking of ordering them the chicken xylophone lol
  5. The mirrors are plastic ones from IKEA that I drilled holes in to hang with cable ties. The chicks are gorgeous and very much house chickens at the moment 🤣
  6. I have one in Bristol If that's any good ?
  7. I'd like pic/price/location please. Thanks 😊
  8. That would be great, I'd love to take part
  9. 🤣 oh yes just noticed, yes a little eglu and run would be handy for introduction or if I ever need a sick bay or to isolate one. No desperate need though at the moment
  10. Also interested in the Pink (or Green if pink has gone) thanks
  11. Also interested if any still available please & sorry for you loss
  12. We officially joined the club today. The world's best bargain arrived (second hand mk1 cube with 4m run & thermal cover & 1m run cover) .. after spending all morning in the freezing cold assembling it it was time to go and pick up the girls 🥰 (who will eventually be joined by our 5 day old chicks when they are big enough) Now on the lookout for automatic door & chicken camera with live view (so I can check at night) and it will be perfect 🤣

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