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  1. The babies went outside today with our new girl they will move into the big coop when they are a bit bigger and can fend off the big bluebells if needed and then 1 more will join Megan ( a polish ) then that's it no more chickens 不不
  2. Ok so I need a cure and quickly 不 our plan to have a couple of chickens quickly escalated into 8!!! Then after finding a free omlet eglu classic on gumtree we decided to welcome Meghan & Oprah into our lives (Oprah is a golden polish that we haven't got yet) 弘 definitely no more chickens (especially when my daughter insists on bringing them in the house for a cuddle 不)
  3. Since asking you lovely lot for advice we decided to keep our pond and have frogs much to my Sons delight we get some frogspawn, yours looks lovely, look forward to seeing who visits
  4. I read hedgehogs are good swimmers they just need a slope in order to climb out safely?? I read hedgehogs are good swimmers they just need a slope in order to climb out safely??
  5. A friend is selling her omlet classic chicken coop blue with 2m run 瞿200 Bristol or Longhope area or possible delivery
  6. Whereabouts are you ? I'm interested if near enough to Bristol
  7. I think Dippy thinks she's a parrot
  8. Aww they are so cute a friend of mine suggested keeping them in a cheap travel cot ... I'm going to give it a try as the sawdust everywhere is driving me bonkers too with mine 不
  9. They seem to love the mirror, they don't seem stressed at all by them, some of the chickens just ignore them but the biggest of my bluebells loves it . The chicks love to peck the bells it's really funny to watch them The chick's love the bells thinking of ordering them the chicken xylophone lol
  10. The mirrors are plastic ones from IKEA that I drilled holes in to hang with cable ties. The chicks are gorgeous and very much house chickens at the moment 不

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