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  1. I don't have personal experience, but a friend of our was ill when doing lands end to john o'groats and did it on an electric bike with much success . A friend has also bought a full mountain bike electric bike and really gets up the hills well. I believe they both use mainly Eco mode, on turbo the battery range is reduced substantially. Tracy
  2. Www.dtcrafts.co.uk have it and instructions. You can bathe a whole skein, paint it on, mix colours, use a squeeze bottle. Then 4 mins in microwave and a quick rinse and that is it! Tracy
  3. It is an American drink's powder for kids!! Hence as a food stuff, no chemicals involved in the dyeing process. Kool Aid - it is even shown online as people using it to dye their hair!! Tracy
  4. I was at wonderwool wales a couple of weeks ago and did a dyeing with KoolAid course. Amazing safe and quick results. Just mix it up and presoaked wool, then fix by microwave for 4 mins. I am just knitting some handwarmers so will photo when done. Tracy
  5. I only started knitting Jan 2013 and now have been spinning and dyeing wool. This is totally not financially viable, but after a hard day at work playing with wool is very relaxing. Tracy
  6. Got some French wheaten Marian's and lavender ropes to add in a few days. Tracy
  7. Thanks space chick, I have visited them and Mr Cream Legbar is now at home with 17 girls to look after. All looking good so far, so much easier than introducing hens!! Tracy
  8. I have had to get the incy on for hatching out some friend's duck eggs. On setting it up the only difference seems to be 28 days as opposed 21 days, same humidity, temp, stop turning etc. ...so given I have spare capacity, after 7 days could I add in a few chicken eggs so the hatch dates are the same? Tracy
  9. I know Omlet do not allow cockerels to be advertised, but any suggestion of where I can find one? For the 1st time in years I have no male with my girlies, I quite fancy a cream leg bar boy. Any suggestions? Tracy
  10. We buy feed from time-to-time, but it really a kiddies farm park these days - not a chicken centre as it was. Tracy
  11. OK - a quick video before bed - not great as they were not keen on being filmed and just before bedtime, so not good light, but I think you can hear them well!!
  12. I must take a photo - now 3 weeks old and apart from heads fully feathered - they went out in the Eglu yesterday, with Brinsea heater for them, but they are enjoying the space and flying around the run. Tracy
  13. I have a chicken who never good on her legs as a chick, she was ok when she grew up and started laying - a few days ago she started limping. No visible signs of any leg injury, no pain, no inflammation - I have isolated her in her own eglu. She has now sitting eating and eating fine at one end of the run and hobbles up the bed at night and I get her out and put her need the food and water in the morning. She seems absolutely fine in herself any ideas? If no improvement she will be at the vets, but just wondered if anyone else and come across this before. Tracy
  14. Thanks - they look good. Tracy
  15. I have 2*Vorwerk, Lakenvelder, Andulsian, Ixworth, + something else! I bought them as mixed eggs, but couldn't read the writing on the last one that hatched!! I am sure all will become clear with time. Tracy

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