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  1. I've had some for most, if not all my life. Recently, because interest rates have gone down so much and some accounts no longer get interest, my husband and I purchased some more. For over fifty years I never won a penny but recently won a couple of times - £25 each time, though husband still hasn't. It means we have now had a similar or better interest rate than a bank account!
  2. The choice is confusing but apart from the fact that Fitbit was recommended, some (mainly bands) did more than I wanted or needed, like linking to a mobile phone to alert you to when you have received a text message or phone call. You don't have to have a smart phone to sync with Fitbit which is another advantage. I bought the Fitbit One as it seemed the most suitable for me. I wanted to be able to track my sleep, my steps and number of flights of stairs, if possible. It still counts my steps even in my pocket whereas my pedometer is sometimes inaccurate. I have come to the conclusion that it is probably to do with not always having a suitable waistband to clip it to, hence, having to go in a pocket. From the specifications, it should cope with me getting too hot or caught in the rain without a coat. Yoone. I have been using an app on my mobile to track my mileage on my bicycle and can add some of the details to the Fitbit Dashboard later.
  3. That one hasn't been on the floor for wiping feet because I wanted to keep it clean until I had entered it into the local Gardeners' Association Show and taken a photo of it but my other one is thick (and so been used as a pad to kneel on) and so much better than the shop-bought mats because it can go in the washing machine at high temperatures and doesn't leave bits of rubber backing in the next few loads. However I needed another, hence making this one. Now in the middle of threading the loom up for another but also would like to find a suitable knook hook. I've been using a locker hook to make some blanket squares. Some are crocheted, some knitted and some are a hybrid. I've managed to do a cable. Knooking is a way of knitting with a crochet hook. I seem to be have a tendency to have several projects on the go at once!
  4. Today I made pancakes using mainly gluten-free flour and a little wholemeal flour. I also made a sponge cake.
  5. Although not as impressive as the quilts, I've made a door-mat. I borrowed a peg loom and used strips of material.
  6. With my previous hens, they liked raisins so I dipped one in the Flubenvet powder for each hen each day and that was a quick, easy way. However, the present ones are not as friendly so I've been mixing the Flubenvet in with their pellets and if any are left at the end of the week, let them finish them off before returning to unmedicated pellets.
  7. I did wonder if the hens might have argued with the rat, although it was able to run away alright and the blood is on the roosting bars, so hope it hasn't climbed the run mesh to get in the Cube
  8. After my posting, I checked the hens and could see no obvious source for the blood. I went down to see them again during the last quarter of an hour and there doesn't appear to be any fresh blood so I'm mystified as to where it came from. The hens appear to be lively enough.
  9. I wondered if a rat can get in an Eglu Cube? This evening, I checked on the hens and a rat escaped out of the back of the run. When I looked into the Cube, I found blood on the roosting bars! I don't know where the rat hid, whether or not it got into one of the peanut feeders/grubs and if it bit a hen either in the run or in the Cube.
  10. Haven't seen the pheasant since the snows in January, so don't know if he is still around or if he'll come back next winter. Is there any possibility that he could have passed something on to one of our hens?
  11. First of all, I'd like to thank the Administrators for moving this to a more suitable place. My Mum suggested that the pheasant may come back now that he's found somewhere with food. She also suggested catching him and ringing his neck I think she would be willing to pluck him. However, I'm not that desperate for a pheasant dinner. It still seems strange to have him visit the middle of a housing estate, although we are between the A4 Bath Road and the Kennet/Kennet & Avon Canal/Holybrook. There are also some allotments nearby.
  12. Around 1.30 pm, I heard a strange squawk in the back-garden, but not quite like one of the hens. I saw something darker than Rosie's colouring and soon discovered its a pheasant ! I've been able to go in the garden and scatter some chicken-corn without scaring him off, but our hens do seem to be bothered by him. He's still there as I type. Any other town dwellers been had similar visitors
  13. I know I've left it a while, but thank you to everyone who has given me some idea about what they are charging for the eggs.
  14. Has anyone considered contacting a local bee-keeper and going out to see what he/she does, etc? If you are interested, I could ask my Dad (in South Oxfordshire). He's been bee-keeping for over fifty years
  15. I didn't ask earlier, but how is the hen now that had sour crop?

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