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  1. Thanks for your help and advice. That's exactly what has been going around in my head is that the bullies need to go as I didnt want that behaviour passed on. I managed to find a great home for the rhode rock and speckledy at a stables with other hens and a cockerel to keep their behaviour in check. I also got three new POL's on Saturday to go with my 10 month old RIRxLS. She has gone from being the victim of nasty ganging up and attacks at the bottom to being top of the pecking order with 3 youngsters to keep in on their toes. So far she seems glad of the new company and change of dynamics. There has been a bit of chasing and pecking while they all establish their new order but nothing nasty and continuous and all in all seem to be settling rather well. The new girls are 2x Sussex and 1x Medicis.
  2. Hi, thanks for your help and advice so far. I've got plenty of eating and drinking places for them and have created little sections for them to get away from each other. I do keep thinking of the bumpa bits but they just seem abit cruel. Maybe I'm overthinking it. The victim is a very placid hen who doesn't really stick up for herself so I think she probably would end up bottom again. Its just I am thinking of new pullets that are of similar breed and having no RIRxPlymouth rocks or reverse. And it's just I can tell it's not a bit of a pecking order scuffle. Its plain out right bullying from the other two. To the point she has been badly injured twice. They are all now around 9/10 months old and all three are laying pretty much every day. I just feel bad for the victim hen as she is having her feathers yanked out and being pecked alive. I just wonder if the other two are big bullies and that wont change.
  3. Hi all, First time poster, long time lurked. I currently have 3 hybrid hens which I got as POL's in September. 1 rhode rock, 1 speckledy and 1 RIRxLight sussex. As expected the RIRxLS was always going to be bottom of the pecking order. Recently I found the RIRxLS hiding in the coop with blood on her. She had a nasty wound near her vent. I treated her and sperated the run so they could all see each other until she healed. When I put her back in, the RR gave her a nasty time and was really pecking at her. I then isolated the RR in the separate part for ten days and all was okay. I then let them all back together and all seemed fine. Then last week I went up there and the RIRxLS was hiding in the coop again. She had been attacked again and was bleeding. I sperated her (but all can see each other) while she healed again. I have found a new home for the RR with more hens and cockerels and she is obviously a bully hen who needs a new home. Today I tried putting the RIRxLS back with speckledy and isolating RR til she goes to her new home next week. And then as if it couldn't get any worse, speckledy has now taken a disliking to the RIRxLS and is pecking at her and pulling her feathers out. I have tried anti-peck spray and it does nothing. I think they may all be having a moult and have powdered them recently to make sure theirs no fleas. What do I do? Do I re-home Speckledy as well with the RR and get 3 new POL's to go with my RIRxLS? Are other two just bad tempered and need a different setting with more hens? I feed organic layers pellets with corn as an afternoon treat. I have a 3 x 4 meter walk in run for 3 girls with a cube mk2. They have a large perch and pecking bits. I'm at a loss and at my wits end and at the moment I am thinking re-home both RR and Speckledy as they are both set on bullying her and get 3 new pullets that arent RIR x Plymouth rocks to go with my RIRxLS and hope they are better natured?

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