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  1. I bought my first varifocals in September 2020 it's now February 2021 and they have got no better. I still struggle to read and work on the computer, I have to keep resorting back to my old glasses. After I had the glasses about a month I returned back to Boots and questioned if the glasses were done correctly. They checked the glasses and said that they were aligned properly and that it will just take time to get used to them! I've tried believe me I've tried to get used to them but when you can't see properly there is something amiss. Mine cost me nearly £300 and I feel I have been conned! I'm having the same problems you are having and it's not improving. I am going to return to Booths tomorrow and if they don't do anything about it I will report them to trading standards as it is not as item as described!, they are causing me distress as well as hurting my neck and back trying to position my head to try and read. Surely this can't be right? I really feel ripped off as they convinced me to buy the varifocals instead of my regular glasses and said that they would be amazing as I will be able to see near and far much better and with ease??!! what a joke!

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