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  1. My birthday has never really been celebrated. As a child it always got lost in the chaos of going back to school after the summer hols, and now it gets lost in Little Miss Webmuppet going back to school after the summer hols. You can see a pattern And to add to the chaos of back to school this year Mr W ended up in hospital so my birthday got completely forgotten.
  2. I use a multi pronged fork think to remove the cappings, whilst holding the frame over a washing up bowl to catch the drips. Then put the frames in the extractor (I have a hand cranked three frame extractor) after extracting I put the honey through a double sieve (one layer is course mesh then a fine mesh) over a honey bucket. It needs to stand for a day or so before bottling it.
  3. When LMW was small she had a Pekin that she used to bring into the house and they would sit in front of the t.v. Both engrossed in CBBC. She'd have taken the chook to bed with her if she had had her way
  4. I have a Kipling bag...so far it has been used when LMW was little to carry all the clutter small people require ( she's 15now!) holiday bag and to carry my lunch and knitting or crochet to and from work. It's been washed a good few times and it's still as good as new.
  5. I bought a new built in oven from John Lewis, excellent customer service. Ordered it on a Monday evening and it was delivered the same week. The delivery chap even phoned 15 mins before he arrived to make sure we were poised for its arrival. We had a minor problem with the oven and they sent an engineer a couple of days later.
  6. I have a serious problem with Jaffa Cakes....so much so my colleagues won't have them in the office there were some ugly scenes when anyone attempted to remove one from the packet...they were mine all mine!
  7. If you do decide to chop your hair off....donate it to charity. LMW did this a couple of months ago. I think it was the Little Princess Trust she sent the hair to.
  8. I might just make this for the craft club ladies next week..... I have some left over brandy soaked fruit from the Christmas puds and cakes that needs using up ( I have some brandy I can add instead of port ).
  9. Our local NHS trust lets you self refer to the physio service for back pain , bypassing the need to see a GP . It might be worth checking to see if your NHS trust does the same.
  10. I found the recipe for the sticky toffee pudding cake.....guess what I will be doing tomorrow....I'm not doing the fancy sugar work though. The recipe for those who might be interested is on the BBC recipe site.
  11. I would recommend Agistri. It's next door to Aegina . Much smaller, it's only 1mile by2miles. There's a beautiful church, pine forest and a lovely beach at the end of the walk through the forest (if you don't mind a bit of a climb) . The bakery sells delicious goodies too. The Webmuppets have spent several holidays on the island.
  12. I have very long wavy hair. I agree that hair dryers should be kept well away from curly or wavy hair. My hair takes 4hours to air dry I use the Bee Strong leave in cream, doesn't weigh the hair down and is just enough to stop it frizzing. I'm really bad , I only venture into the hairdressers once a year, get the ends trimmed and don't let them do anything fancy with it.
  13. I have a daylight lamp on my piano....it's a gloomy corner of the room and I need to be able to see all those 'dots and squiggles' on sheet music and it's perfect for that.I know it wasn't very expensive but there's no brand name on it, I think it was off either eBay or Amazon. It's like a large desk lamp with a bendy neck just like this one... http://www.completecareshop.co.uk/household-aids/floor-and-table-lamps/daylight-table-lamp-view-large?gclid=CIKb5o_S28cCFYccGwodjwsGrw
  14. It's not a good year here. The tomatoes are still green, the onions are tiny and the butternut squash have only just started growing, despite all the TLC. The wasps attacked the peaches and I have about two pears on the pear tree. The chooks also stopped laying for a while and the honey harvest from our bees was much less than expected.
  15. I can recommend collapsible staging. I had it In my greenhouse (sadly I had to leave said greenhouse behind when we moved). It fixes to the frame of the greenhouse and has removable legs , handy in the spring when you need the extra space for propagation, then collapse it and hey presto extra room for tomatoes etc. Along with the others the automatic window openers. My Dad has a mesh & wooden frame he puts in the greenhouse door way to stop invasion by the allotment bunnies.
  16. I am now the proud owner of a 36v rechargeable Qualcast strimmer.......tackled those wretched nettles without any trouble. I wasn't able to go too near the bee hives as the bees were being defensive due an invasion of wasps. The wasps nest has been located and the landowner has promised me that the wasps will be swiftly dealt with ...they are in his shed!
  17. Apparently if you put a wine bottle (or similar) in the mole hill, neck upwards, the noise of the wind over the bottle will discourage the mole.
  18. Daphne, I plan on putting weed suppressing membrane down around the hives once the nettle die back in the autumn so I won't have to trim the weeds around the hives. I also plan to gradually clear the nettles and replace them with some bunny proof plants . But in the meantime thanks for the advice. I shall look for a 24v machine with 2or 2.4 mm cord. Fortunately I have managed to keep the nettles to just a few inches tall.
  19. We have a mole in our garden......it keeps digging under the chicken run....Little Miss Webmuppet can't decide wether it's brave or stupid digging under there!
  20. I'm thinking of getting a rechargeable strimmer. There's no electric to the patch of land where my bees live and at the moment I have to chop the grass and weeds down by hand and it's jolly hard work. A petrol strimmer would be too heavy as I have to park the car a way from the bees and have to carry everything to the patch of land (or retrieve the ancient wheelbarrow and use that). Has anyone got a rechargeable strimmer and what sort do you have? (and is it any good against evil nettles -they are now only a few inches tall) . Half an hours charge would be sufficient. I hope eventually to clear some of the nettles and weeds and tidy the area up (maybe even plant some bee friendly plants).
  21. It's lovely to have a hedgehog in the garden. At our old house we has a family of hedgehogs that came into the garden ....I wasted many an hour sitting out there in the evening watching them amble around. We appear to have a hedgehog at this house, judging by the poop on the lawn, not seen them yet though. I do have a mole in the garden too. saves me digging the flower beds.
  22. I have a Chinese hamster (Ying). I did have two but sadly one of them suffered from diabetes and had to be put to sleep. They are prone to diabetes so be careful with the treats, make sure they only have treats that are low in sugar. As other posters have said keep a close eye open for them fighting/squabbling. I kept my two together but I had to split them up when the fighting resulted in a minor injury. They are fun and friendly to keep , my hamster will do some crazy things and loves his hamster ball. He is so tame he will take a sunflower seed very gently from my fingers. He lives next to the piano and I frequently find him watching me. Boy hamster wee does whiff a bit so frequent cleaning is required.
  23. You could always try contacting a few of the U.S. Beekeeping supplies companies. There's one company in the US that markets in the UK too (Mann Lake I think they are called) so they may do an extractor that fits your frames. Most extractors take a range of frames.

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