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  1. @Beantree great insight on the snow, we live in the French Alps so having a pitched roof makes complete sense @soapdragon sounds good 33% more chickens coming up!
  2. @Cat tails Thank you for your reply : ) My game plan A is to get the GO, just the hutch bit rather than the green wire run that you can get with it as I figure I am making my own run so don't need a run within a run. Would I regret that? i.e do I need the run bit that you can get with the GO? @mullethunter Thank you also for your reply Was thinking about making the roof hinged so I could get in, would that work? What a lovely supportive community thanks Omlet for creating this!
  3. Wow that is so helpful! Thank you so much Exactly the sort of learned advice I was after
  4. About to buy an Eglu Go! Whoop! My game plan is to set it in a run that I make using the structure of this banister (see img link below). Cover in chicken wire that I dig down a bit for foxes. Make a roof for eagles/dogs protection that I can take off so I can get inside to clean etc Set the Eglu at point A for ease of access. The structure is about 90cm high and a few forums seem to say 1m meter would be better for chicken welfare so I could dig down a bit, built it up a bit or make a triangle shaped roof. Only planning on getting two chickens if that is a factor. Any holes in my plan? Completely new to this so open to all and any idea/feedback just trying to get learned advice so that I only have to make the run once rather than learn something and then have to remake it Here is a very rough idea

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