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  1. Ok I've changed my mind about letting them go to a larger established group of bigger hens. The guy was very nice and had a good set up for his hens with plenty of room to add more but I don't think he has had the experience of introducing 2 different flocks of birds with each other and I don't think he really knows what he would be letting himself in for. Plus I would worry to much about my girls getting hurt even though I wouldn't know anything about it as I doubt that he would tell me once they had gone to him. I have put an ad on here now for my girls to go with my eglu and hopefully someone will want them who would keep in touch from time to time to let me know how they are doing
  2. Hmmm, thanks guys, I'm still not sure what to do as I know it took weeks 2 introduce 2 new girls to my 2 older girls and they are all bantams and the same size. I sure he has white stars now I think about it but he is only going to keep them separate for a week (side by side) then put them all together and I don't think that's long enough. One of my girls is getting old now and I don't think she could handle the stress of bigger hens picking on her I think I might post an ad on here for them to go with my eglu and run that i'm also having to sell
  3. Hi everyone, I haven't been on here for ages and its certainly changed a bit since I last visited Anyway my question is can Chickens and Bantams live together happily? I'm having to re-home my 4 lovely bantam hens (2x pekins and 2x wynadottes) and the person that is possibly going to have them next week has 4 hens and a cockerel, i think they are Amber stars but i'm not sure. Will they be OK together? Tara
  4. Poor Ginger hasn't been well since last week and after making a huge improvement over the beginning of the weekend she lost the fight last night I knew something was wrong this morning as the other girls are making a lot of fuss and keep jumping up on there log to get my attention (which they only usually do when its treat time), as if they were trying to tell me. Poor things are still doing it now even though I've taken her out. She was separated in the WIR using a large dog cage but she could still see her friends and they could still see her. Do you think they know and are sad too? As they're never usually like this in the morning.
  5. Its a squishy crop, although when she was sick it didn't really smell as bad as I thought it should with a sour crop! As she is eating the maggots and not much else then I will carry on with these just to keep her strength up a bit. If there is no improvement in the morning after getting some ACV in her then she will be off to the vets first thing tomorrow. Thank you again for the advice, I think I was reading a bit to much info and got a bit confused with the maggot bit!!
  6. Thanks again Claret. Is it worth still feeding her the live maggots? I'm already giving her the live yogurt and bokashi bran but she's not eating it. Also should I be massaging her crop? I did it earlier today and she was sick so will it hurt her to carry on doing this? She has lost a lot of weight and I'm not sure she's strong enough to cope with to much handling. I'm keeping her in a dog cage within the WIR so she can still see her friends as I don't want her to be on her own in case this also upsets her, but I can't think what else to do.
  7. Thank you both for replying. I went out and got some ACV and luckily its the Naf brand you mentioned Claret as I've only just got back and spotted your post about which brands are the best to purchase. I have also brought some live yogurt and maggots to give to her but she is really struggling to eat much at all. Any other advice on sour crop would be very much appreciated as she is very poorly although luckily still drinking on her own at the moment
  8. I have a hen with what I suspect to be a sour crop. When doing a bit of a search on here I have seen a few post suggesting using ACV but I have no idea what it is. Please can some one tell me what it is and possible point me in the right direction as to where to get hold of it, many thanks Tara
  9. Thank you so much for the best wishes to Ginger. Well she's home and all seems well at the mo although she has to stay separate from the other girls over night which I'm a bit worried about as she can hear them and is wanting to go back with them. I thought I might try putting her back in with the others tonight as she seems quite distressed that she can't join them now. Anyway the vet managed to cut the thread as far back down her throat as possible but apart from the tangled bit around her tongue (not sure what that bit is called), the rest of the thread is still in her as he couldn't pull it out. Having said that I've now got to keep a close eye on her to make sure it doesn't cause her a blockage, although when she got home she started eating loads of grit so that should help her brake the thread up. She needs to go back on Tuesday for a check up but hopefully all will be well by then. The total bill in the end was £75, but I think she is worth every penny despite what my dear old gran thinks Thank you again for your views on how much you would spend. YES at the end of the day it is a personal choice that can only be made by the chicken mummy's and daddy's all around the world
  10. If you had to take one of your chickens to the vets how much are you prepared to spend on them? Or what's the most you have spent? The reason I'm asking is because ginger swallowed a long piece of thread which got itself tangled in her throat today. The vets, so far have been brill and saw her straight away as an emergency admittance and didn't hesitate to tell me that she would need an anesthetic to be able to get the thread out, which is what I suspected would happen. The vet advised me that is was going to cost between £50-£100 which I had no problem with what so ever even though I'm on a very low budget. Now the thing is my gran is from a farming background and a bit old fashioned and she thinks that I should have just had her put down instead, as she's not worth the money (Or knowing my gran she would have willingly rung her neck for me ). I explained to her that in my eyes it wasn't the chickens fault that the thread was on the lawn so why should she suffer for it by losing her life when the vets have dealt with it with no problems what so ever. I need to collect ginger at 5.20pm, so I will let you all know how she is. Luckily I noticed the problem very quickly as she was gasping, coughing and sneezing as soon as it happened and she was in the vets within half an hour after So what do you think your chickens are worth?
  11. All my girls are currently being treated with Johnson's mite and lice spray and I know there is a withdrawal of egg eating for 48 hours after treatment but can I still scramble them and feed them back to the girls? Advice welcome as its seems such a waste otherwise
  12. Thanks for the advice but I think I've found the problem, LICE All now being treated with Johnson's mite spray to hopefully sort them out
  13. Funny you should ask that because I was talking to my neighbour the other day and he said he always used to use the softies. I'm not sure whether its OK too but he's still alive I personally don't use them but maybe some one else will have a better idea on whether it is safe too or not. Sorry can't help with your other question regarding feed. Did you make the quiche in the end using the softie?
  14. Hi, One of my girls has been laying softies for ages. First I tried limestone flour and cod liver oil in there feed but had no luck with that so I brought some Zolcal-D. I've been using it for about a week and still no change with the softies. Is it safe to up the dosage or am I doing something wrong? Do I still need to add the cod liver oil to there feed too, for the vit D? I assumed the zolcal-D already has it in it, but am I wrong? P.S They always have grit with extra oyster shell in it available all the time too

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