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  1. Sleep deprivation is a recognised form of torture. Would it help if your OH took charge of your older child and the household tasks when he is around leaving you to concentrate on the baby? If you only need to deal with that you may be able to doze between feeds. Other than that all I can suggest is letting anything that is not absolutely essential be ignored. That includes most housework. Why do you have to go out when OH suggests it? Could he not take your older child and leave you to rest? When I was going through this stage my OH (who never did any of the feeds) used to take our older children to the supermarket on a Saturday morning after I had fed the baby. This gave me a quiet house for a couple of hours - even that amount of sleep helped. I also spent a lot of time in pyjamas and we didn't socialise for years (this may not suit everyone but I needed rest more than outings). It is a really difficult stage and I can understand you feeling miffed if you do not feel supported. If you could get him to agree to help in ways that he is willing and able to - housework, shopping, looking after older child, leaving you to rest - it may help you just to feel that he is supporting you rather than reneging on tasks you thought he should be doing. Be kind to yourself. Don't expect too much of yourself. And I hope baby starts sleeping more soon
  2. My kids had the ELC kitchen and it lasted years. It is not as sturdy as the Little Tikes one (which is fab) but was sturdy enough to be kept outside around their wooden playhouse until they grew too big to use it. I hated the pretend food as it got everywhere - I still find bits of it when I am digging in the garden! My kids did play cooking but loved best the set of sturdy pots and pans which they filled with sand, mud, water, whatever they could find to concoct slimy gloop. They also loved to wander around the garden loading up the 'ingredients' into their big yellow truck (does he have one of those?) to bring it to the kitchen for mixing and 'cooking' in the oven. I gave them all their plastic baby spoons for play as they were tougher than the ones that came with the kitchen - their gloop needed strong cutlery. Although the play kitchen has now been dumped and the playhouse is rotting at the bottom of our garden the big yellow truck and the pots are still in the sandpit and get used from time to time. The other toy my kids loved at that age was a small but sturdy plastic wheelbarrow. I seem to remember one of it's many uses was also as a receptical for gloop mixing...
  3. Thank you all for the advice I soaked the shirt in cold water with a lot of strong bleach then put it through a wash with bio powder and it is now useable. It still has faint blue marks so can only be worn under the school sweatshirt but is no longer bright purple. DS would have objected to that Love the way this forum gives quick answers to lifes little problems
  4. My helpful children have been treating a few of my chooks with purple spray - and my daughter managed to spray my son's white school shirt. Not just a few specks - all down one side. Has anyone got any suggestions as to how I can remove the offending stains?
  5. I will have a good look tomorrow and clean out if the weather holds. The chooks seem happy to use the cube and nest box - they just aren't producing the eggs
  6. When the warmer weather arrived the 10 chickens in my cube were giving me 8 or 9 eggs every day. Last week this inexplicably dropped to around 4 each day. This morning there are none in the nest box. Has anyone got any ideas what I can do please? I have had an issue with softies for a few months and had added limestone flour and cod liver oil to their feed through the winter when this seemed to be getting worse - not that regularly. I also had an issue with feather plucking and was advised to give them barley with their corn (a few handfuls each evening). This caused very runny poos so I have stopped that Their free ranging time has increased with the longer days but I have searched the garden and can find no trace of eggs laid elsewhere. Over the weekend I kept them confined to their run until mid afternoon but still only 3 or 4 eggs. My chooks are different ages but none are more than a couple of years old. They were wormed recently with flubenvet. They all look healthy - normal behaviour, interest in food and no sign of additional feather loss (they have looked a bit scraggy for months due to ongoing feather plucking issue). I would appreciate any advise or ideas. Thanks
  7. I have an old tyre in a well covered part of the run filled with a mix of sand and compost. It does get used but most of the time the girls choose their own spot - under a shrub, under the children's swing, in the middle of the lawn...
  8. Widgets is a bit far to go if there are closer options. Wiltshire Chickens only do pure breeds so not what I am after. Tried ringing, texting and emailing Annie Hall's but no response It is a bit far to go on the off chance that they might have something so I wanted to check before I set out. Felt a bit down after all this so haven't yet tried Merlin Cottage. Maybe tomorrow. Having taken the eglu out of storage, prepared the ground and rebuilt the run and accessories it looks wrong having it all sitting empty in my garden
  9. Having a horse mad daughter I know Wadswicks too well Another interesting lead for me to follow - thank you
  10. Thanks for the contacts - Malmsbury isn't too far to go so I shall look into that My family are SO keen to get hens that lay pastel eggs I just want little brown hens. Our troublesome birds (the feather peckers, psycho bird, the broodies) have all been the other types of hybrids we have acquired so I am a little reluctant to go for anything else (even though they look so lovely). But what has happened at Little Misses? I was last there about a year ago and all their birds were happily foraging in the field behind the house...
  11. I am in the happy position of having an empty eglu that I am looking to fill with four POL hybrids My usual supplier (Little Misses Chickens near Calne) appear to have vanished I can no longer access their website and their Facebook page has gone. Thus I am looking for a new supplier. An initial trawl of the web has pulled up Annie Halls Poultry between Bath and Bristol - has anyone used them? Any other recommendations in the area around Chippenham, Wiltshire welcome.
  12. U2 at Maysfield Leisure Centre, Belfast They were just starting to get known. No bands ever came to Belfast in those days (something to do with insurance and the risk of being blown up ). Went with a load of mates and still remember a very young Bono jumping around on the big speakers while we all sang along
  13. I have a fairly common name with an unusual spelling. After 46 years my Dad still sometimes gets it wrong . My OH checks with me that he has written it correctly if he needs to write it down (we have been married 18 years). I don't know anyone who pronounces it as it is spelt (which I would like) as they look at it and see the more common name. I am generally known by a shortened version anyway. Mention it to the teacher. She is most likely quite unaware of her error.
  14. Do you think that your child will respond to tuition, despite being asked to do school work outside of school time? If so then extra knowledge is never wasted. Some schools will not make an extra effort for individual children - they teach a class, not to individual need. After putting two bright kids through our local primary school (they were constantly bored), where I was treated as, at best, an irritation when I asked how I could help to bring them on, I opted to home school my youngest. He will return to school in September when he is old enough for secondary school as that school is excellent. In an ideal world school would provide all kids with a good and sufficient education. We do not live in an ideal world.
  15. Sorry that you had to deal with people like that I bought my cube of a lovely lady (a forum member ) who couldn't have been more welcoming and helpful. She had obviously put a lot of effort into cleaning the cube and threw in some lovely extra's. It wasn't cheap but I still feel lucky to have got it Hopefully this couple's son will be more appreciative.

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