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  1. They are very easy to remove. Easier than putting them in, that's for sure! I took Rosie's out the other day after a good 2-3 months and, touch wood, she's been well behaved since. You can always put it back in.
  2. Having just been woken up by the deafening racket from Stacey, our Silkie, at 5:41am. We sleep at the front of the house so our neighbours cannot be happy as they are at the back and much nearer the girls than we are. The racket always comes from a queue for the nesting box. Sure enough, this morning, they were all queuing for the box and, either Pamela or Nessa, had laid one on the floor of the run. We've never really shut them in and would prefer not to but I can't have this noise so early in the morning. It got me thinking about whether anyone has two nesting boxes in their cube/run and whether this might work?
  3. Been a while since I posted here but I was after a bit more advice. Evil Rosie (as we now call her) had her bumper bit fitted and, since then, it has been peace and quiet in the Cube. Well, not exactly quiet. I never knew Silkies could be so loud! But, anyway, back to the point. Evil Rosie has been sneezing very occasionally. That led us to have a look at her in a bit more closely. She is very hard to catch so it's not easy grabbing her. She's got a bit of gunk on one side of the bumper bit so I wondered if we should remove the bumper bit or put a new one in?
  4. Still a bit of attempted pecking by Rosie (or Evil Rosie as she's now known) especially when there's food to be had. She seems adjusted to the bit very well now and doesn't seem to bother her at all. The other two older girls don't seem to bother the newbies much now at all. I strongly suspect they leave it to Rosie. Pamela seems quite brave around the older girls now and sometimes hangs out with them when they are free-ranging. Nessa is a total scaredy cat at the moment and Stacey is still very wary. Hardly surprising when they've pulled all the feathers out of her head. One encouraging sign was that they all had a dust bath together yesterday apart from Stacey. Hopefully that means they are starting to integrate properly. Fingers crossed.
  5. Bumper bit still on and Rosie's eating fine. She's still pecking at the others but not doing any damage. Just wondering how long do people leave the bumper bits on? Is there a time limit to how long should they can wear them?
  6. Me too. It was quite horrible putting it on. Rosie was very distressed. As anyone would have something shoved up both nostrils so you can't close your mouth. She's already had a couple of pecks at the new girls but, obviously, hasn't managed to get a feather yet. Hopefully, it will sort things out but, if Cheryl's not careful, she'll be next! Good luck with yours.
  7. Update Bumper bit fitted on Rosie. She is sooo not amused. It was not a pleasant experience as you felt you were choking her but got it in quite quickly. The others were all very sweet. They shot over to her and started pecking at the bit to try and get it out for her - even though it would have cost them feathers if they'd succeeded! Distracted them all with some corn and herded them all into the run. Rosie's chasing after the newcomers but can't hurt them at the moment. It'll be dark in a bit so we wanted them to get used to each other a little before turning in. Close eye to be kept on them tomorrow. Fingers and toes firmly crossed.
  8. They've got one of the IKEA shoe racks which is a nice perch for them. How easy are the bumper bits to remove? I was thinking if I keep them in the run for a day or two there should be anything to help Rosie take it off. Do you think the bumper bit is worth a go or just to keep them apart for a bit longer and try again without it?
  9. More trials and tribulations introducing Stacey, Nessa and Pamela and looking for some advice. Got the new girls before Xmas and kept them apart for a week or so then allowed them to free-range with Cheryl, Phinie and Rosie which went fine. Took the plunge and popped them into the Cube one night. The newcomers only came down later on in the afternoon to have something to eat. There was a bit of squabbling but nothing too bad. Then the next day it kicked off. Rosie being the main culprit. She was an awful bully to Gladys before and was back bullying again. So I took her out and put her on her own in the run which had held the newcomers - thinking a bit of time in solitary would put her in her place. All ok for another couple of days with little bits of pecking here and there but no real dramas. Then another almighty fuss with Cheryl pinning down our new Silkie, Stacey, and pulling feathers out like she was ripping a pillow to pieces. So Cheryl went into the other run with Rosie. Fast forward a couple of weeks and Phinie and the new girls have been living together without any fuss. Not totally best friends but getting there. The new girls are still a bit wary of her but seem to be more and more comfortable. So decided to take the next step and put Cheryl back in with them. Apart from one rather unpleasant episode when Cheryl pulled a load of feathers out of our Silkie's head, they seem ok now. Again, not totally integrated but getting close. It actually seems that Pamela has joined up with Phinie and Cheryl whereas before the 3 new girls were a team. So, the decision is now when to put Rosie back in with them. She is an awful bully and I've bought some bumper bits. I let them all free-range together once and Rosie immediately terrorised the new girls. I was thinking of putting her back in with the other with a bumper bit fitted but wondered whether that was the right thing to do or just give it more time with her in solitary?
  10. Sorry, Sandie. My fault, I'd forgotten about the brown bit. As others have said, it does fade. It faded quite quickly on Gladys when she had a dustbath. Is it working though?
  11. No cockerels allowed in the village. Otherwise..... If I'd had my way, I'd've had a Doris, Dawn, Gwen, Rudi, Big Fat Sue and Japanese Margaret too.
  12. I wanted a Doris too but I was lucky to persuade my girlfriend to get three as it was!
  13. Allow me to introduce my three new girls. Stacey (the Silkie), Nessa (the darker one) and Pamela (the other one). They've been playing out with the other girls today and only Rosie was a problem. Even though she's bottom of the pecking order of the original girls, she can be extremely vicious. I may even put her in solitary and allow the others to mingle. Just delighted to have my new girls!
  14. So we could just use that as a shelter and alternate letting them out to free range or moving them into the main Cube run? Then see how they get on.

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