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  1. Hi, they were one year old when I bought them so have been wormed before. The drops are more for lice.
  2. Hi, I used harkers spot on containing invermectin on my Serama. Just wondered how often I need to do this? I've done two drops about 4 days ago. Do i repeat in two weeks or every few months. Thanks
  3. Thanks, I read the carols chickens serama section but didn't notice what bantam types she kept them with, I'll re look. Getting my first hens soon, been offered two Seramas but my understanding is you are better with three or more hens. I will try and find a third Serama. I've ordered the coop, i think its going to look really good. Just doing as much research as I can until I get them. So any Serama pointers would be greatly appreciated
  4. Does anyone know if you can keep Seramas with other breeds hens?

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