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  1. Congratulations to you both and baby Joe wonderful news and pleased you are all doing well Exactly the same weight as my first Lisa P
  2. That's excellent news, congratulations Liz We are all very pleased for you, including Lizzie and George Lisa
  3. Fingers, toes, everything crossed for you and on a practical note, if you need somewhere to stay when you attend the interview, we're only about 25/30 mins drive from the Botanic Gardens, just let me know Lisa P
  4. I am so sorry for your loss, best wishes and hugs to you and your family. Lisa P
  5. A lovely present and at least you won't be getting into any trouble Lisa P
  6. Oh my goodness, such suspense, how exciting Lisa P
  7. Wow, congratulations, that's wonderful news Lisa P
  8. Oh Emma, I don't know what to say, I am so so sorry Lisa P
  9. Lovely message Freddie Merry Christmas to everyone Lisa P
  10. Congratulations March will be here before you know it. Lisa P
  11. I am so sorry for your loss, what a terrible shock for you. Lisa P
  12. They do the butchering there too, if you want them to. Neil is very helpful and will do what you request but will offer suggestions too - he certainly knows his stuff. He is also quite happy for you to go and visit before you book and that is what we did, to be honest we didn't have a clue and he talked us through the whole process. You do need to book quite well in advance, he booked us in when we went to visit 7 weeks before. I think the fact that he is very busy is a good sign Lisa
  13. Lesley, don't envisage eating meat again but who knows, never envisaged myself raising pigs either It is a very satisfying feeling though, now that we've done it The abattoirs do sound similar, small and friendly, ours even reversed the trailer for us because OH isn't totally au fait with it yet
  14. We would love to pop over and meet Frankie and the girls and you of course When is Frankie arriving? He sounds very sweet, all cute and squishy We will going back to the abattoir in a couple of weeks to collect the bacon, waiting for a call to find out exactly when but maybe we could pop over then if convenient. We had to move our girls area several times, they did plough but where they have been has grown back much healthier looking and a totally different colour to the rest of the field. I don't want cows either, I find them mildly terrifying Lisa
  15. Ooh yes please Emma, top of your list for piglets if you have any spare, would definitely have to be given names though We used the abattoir in Tregaron, so just down the road from you. It was obviously our first experience of using one but we are happy with it, it is a small set up and Neil who runs it is very nice. You are actually booked in with an appointment and the animals are handled with compassion. Yes I am veggie and Neil (at the abattoir) was a little taken aback at first but I explained that I had taken care with raising the pigs and I wanted their departure to be handled with care too and he was with that. Although both myself and DD are veggie, OH and 3 sons are not and I am used to cooking meat and fish for them and to know where it has come from is brilliant We also have 4 table birds that we're currently raising, un-named and living in a separate eglu, another first for us Lisa

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