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  1. Hi Bean tree I was thinking of trying to do this It's such a small area and I'm not sure if a trug will stay put It's actually put me off eating eggs! I was vegan for decades and now Im trying hard to eat poopy eggs We do wash them as we only get three a day and they're eaten that day! Thank you for your help
  2. Hi all The nesting box is so flat in the UP Eggs are never really in it after they're laid and they're usually covered in poop I am finding the inside of the UP not great for a few reasons 1. The poo gets trapped inside the bars and rarely falls through (my hen's poos are huge) So i took the bars out months ago - so I put bedding all over the tray and still try to differentiate the nesting area The hens usually sit in it but kick the bedding all over the place 2. My eggs are always gooey Does anyone have an solutions for my above problems please?

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